Do you need a sex robot to replace your girlfriend

“Yoko” is just over 18. She has no experience but is willing to learn. “Martha” is old enough to guide her master; “Wild Wendy” would do anything, and “farrah” needed more coax…

Martha or yoko, they offer more than just a sexual experience — they’re more like a real partner, talking to you before and after sex, or doing things for you when you’re not in the mood. She’s just waiting for you to connect with her.

Roxxxy, the only real sex robot available on the market, is the world’s first ai sex robot, priced at $9,000. She is 1.7 meters tall and slim. She has a range of hair styles and eye colors to choose from. But unlike some female and humanoid robots, Roxxxy is more like a mannequin with a personality.

Roxxxy comes in different models, including RoxxxyGold, which has a “personality”; RoxxxySilver can talk to you during sex. The cheapest is the RoxxxyPillow, which looks like a wax gourd with only a head and torso and three “input ports” : vagina, anus and mouth.

Different Roxxxy models also have different functions, such as listening to you, talking to you, or caressing you, as well as obtaining satisfaction from sex. Like “mature Martha” or “young yoko” or “cold farrah”… It can also be loaded with other preset personality traits. Many users want to add artificial intelligence to their inflatable dolls, so intelligent sex robots have emerged.

One of Roxxxy’s former testers, dolosian, said: “there’s one great thing about being a robot partner. That she won’t break your heart. They don’t run away. No tantrums. It won’t leave you when you don’t have money or a fancy car.”

Sex robots’ unnecessary and unlovable ‘

There are plenty of troubles in bed.

Recently, the idea of virtual reality sex has attracted a lot of criticism. They worry that sex robots will bring unexpected problems. Robot ethicists warn that sex robots could harm human relationships.

Experts have been hoping to use artificial intelligence to create robots that are as alive and tactile as Roxxxy, capable of chatting and having sex like a human. Dr Catherine Richardson of DE montfort university in the UK, one of the opponents, recently said no! Artificial intelligence dolls are “unnecessary and unlovable”. She represents a school that believes that sex robots personify women and children; The emergence and prevalence of sex robots suggests that women and children still feel inferior and therefore are the objects of robot simulations.

“Sex robots seem to be getting more and more attention in the robotics industry, but it’s really disturbing to think about their appearance and role,” Dr Kathryn told the BBC. In her view, the sex machine dolls are suspected of objectifying women and reinforcing the notion that relationships are just physical needs.

“The creation of this robot is harmful to relationships between men and women, between adults and children, between men and women.” Dr Kathryn wants more people to be aware of the problem, and for the lions who are developing sex robots to think about how to use their skills.

A virtual companion is better than no companion

Experts have long warned that sex between humans and robots will not be such a big deal in the future. Humans will no longer be afraid to see people and robots having sex on TV or in movies. In theory, robots could be programmed to perform a variety of functions, such as posing for various sexual positions, for a variety of experiences. Therefore, sex with robots will be more popular.

Sex psychologist Dr Helen driscoll said in a blog post that robotism – a concept that may seem alien to us today – could soon be as common as eating, dressing and using the toilet if our imaginations keep pace with technology. Dr Driscoll said sex between humans and robots would be widely accepted by 2070.

“We may view virtual reality sex and robot sex in terms of current social norms. But if we look back at the social norms about sex 100 years ago, it is clear that they have changed rapidly.”

As virtual reality becomes more realistic and is able to mimic and even surpass human sexual partners, it is possible to imagine a person having sex with a less than perfect human or a sex robot.

In addition to having sex with machines, advances in artificial intelligence have made it possible for machines and even computer programs to fall in love. Consider the scene in “Her,” in which t-bag falls in love with an operating system that can talk like Siri. “It seems bizarre and scary now, but we shouldn’t assume that virtual relationships are less valuable than real ones.” Deborah said. He believes it is possible for humans who have lost a partner or live alone to find comfort in virtual sexual relationships. “Better a virtual companion than no companion.”

Roxxxy’s father, henning, previously told the media that the invention would not have a negative impact on society, but would play a useful role in society. Can help single or widowed people with sexual needs. The company has also launched a male version of “rocky” aimed at women.

Physiologically, clinician Dr Ian kerner said sex robots could be used as surrogens to help people with sexual dysfunction and trauma. He also believes that sex robots are suitable for people who have a sexual preference outside the mainstream of society, such as paedophiles. As RON arkin, director of the robotics institute, puts it, the creation of child-like sex robots is inevitable.

It is said that Roxxxy was originally created to recreate a friend who died in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, but she developed into a sex robot to please her master. Some people think this kind of slavery is not annoying, because artificial intelligence is far from real people.

The robots don’t seem so cold anymore

Some scientists predict that in the future people will equate sex with machines with sex with people.

In addition, driscoll believes that online gaming, social media… Now that people are spending more and more time in virtual reality, a little intimacy with a robot might even improve our mental health.

“You humans are becoming indoorsy and lonely, spending more time in virtual reality, and you’re going to be mentally ill.” Experts caution that technology can solve these problems in the long run. The lack of connection between humans is detrimental because humans are inherently social animals, and isolation has been linked to mental health problems.

It is not terrible for a couple to share a different bed, but to sleep on the same bed and play with a mobile phone. According to a recent study, young Japanese are turning their backs on sex and intimacy, with half of Japanese adults saying they don’t have sex! Robots seem to be becoming less cold and more approachable. One in five people in the UK would like to have sex with a robot, a survey has found.

Remember in August this year, the third generation of artificial intelligence Microsoft xiaoice was released, it is said that within a short period of time, tens of thousands of injured men in China have become xiaoice fans.

British teacher Anna hughes, who has a fixed quota of men, said: “a new era has arrived in which people increasingly prefer to have sex with someone who knows what they are doing, how they will react, how long it will take and how great it will be.

Being alone won’t be a problem, but are you ready

Experts say the trend towards human choice and machine sex may seem problematic now, but as technology advances, loneliness will not be a problem. Because the difference between artificial intelligence and machines will be hard to tell. “One day, robots that are not so different from humans will appear in front of us — except that they don’t have bad habits, they don’t have flaws, they don’t think about investing all day, and then not only will they be our best choice, but we won’t be hurt psychologically.”

When sex robots become the new gender roles, will heterosexual men’s “girlfriends” change from “she” to “it”?

In fact, the worry now is that our society is not ready for the arrival of sophisticated robot companions. Dr. Cullen, a senior fellow at the institute of electrical and electronics engineers, worries that society is not fully prepared for the arrival of new technologies. “This society is not ready for the future when people can’t identify robots and humans, is there a law that will govern? Can humans marry robots? Can robots adopt children?” Have you thought about these questions?