Do 7 bad habits exist in your sex life?

Nowadays, people have some bad habits in their life, which lead to the bad sexual interest between husband and wife. So it’s impossible to have a successful conception and enjoy life childishly. If the husband and wife in this situation do not take measures to correct it, it will affect the relationship between them.

1. Lack of communication while watching TV: this practice of bringing too much external information into private space will weaken the intimacy between partners. Couples who have TV in their bedrooms have sex half as often as those who don’t, according to a survey.

2. Fake orgasm: first of all, it’s dishonest and can cause a gap between us. Second, if you pretend to orgasm for the sake of your partner’s self-esteem, you will not only not enjoy the pleasure, but also misunderstand your partner. Couples can use sex toys, like sex dolls are also a good choice.

3. 24-hour Mom: if a woman puts too much energy on her children after childbirth, her husband will be jealous and alienate her. Therefore, women should leave more time for themselves and take care of themselves, so as to make their partners love you more.

4. Often talk about old love: no matter men or women, they hate to compare themselves with old love, which is a kind of disrespect, and sometimes they will make each other think you are suggesting that he is inferior to others.

5. Coerce partners with sex: sex is a means, not a tool, of communication between men and women in marriage and emotional life. If one side uses sex as a bargaining chip, he will become a server to serve others to get something. It’s an insult to a relationship, to a partner.

6. Pile up plush toys on the bed: toys are cute pronouns in women’s eyes, but it’s a non sexual signal for men: it’s suitable for playing at home, but there won’t be passionate collision. If you want to have a warm night, you should first clean up the small parts on your bed.

7. Pee in front of your partner: the seemingly innocuous little details like going to the toilet and farting in front of your partner in life are actually taboos that affect your marriage. It’s also not elegant for your wife to shave in front of her husband, which makes your partner feel sloppy.

After reading it, do you think you have some of the above small phenomena? Since you find out the bad habits, you have to correct them quickly, so that the relationship between children and husband can be more harmonious and beautiful.