15 good habits to change your sex life

Many times,the sex quality is good or bad,is the sex partner both good and bad habits cause,can get the good habit sex of the person is few,so a lot of people are in the sex lack all sorts of pleasure,also cannot improve oneself sex of quality.

A multi-country Stanford university study found that nearly 35% of women and 15% of men lack the desire to have regular sex and experience sexual pleasure,in fact,you can make a difference by improving some habits.here are some good habits that couples should improve together to improve their sex life.

1、work out a sweat together:

According to a survey,85 percent of couples who work out together say their life has improved,and 1/5 couples say working out together has helped resolve conflicts and improve their relationship.

Regular exercise can inprove sex

(1)Can make the blood flow speed up,touch sensitive.

(2)Can effective improve the strength of genital muscles,enhance sexual pleasure.

(3)Strengthening the muscles of the abdomen and hips,making people more sexual attractive.

(4)Increasing the times couples spend together,and developing common interests,makes the marriage healthier and happier.

2、Couples date night

Dating couples can help rekindle romance,it doesn’t have to be an overly romantic night,as a couple going to a movie together or going out to dinner alone can all help you get back to your first love.

3、Share house work

If both of you are busy during the day,bringing the kids home after work,and there is a lot of housework,at the end of the day,intimacy is often forgotten or overwhelmed.if the husband and wife can share the housework equally,then,can avoid the husband and wife one side housework overweight,can enhance the intimacy of the couple,improve the couple performance.

4、Eat in house often

Homemade food is more hygienic,healthier and can be served in more ways than restaurent food.planning and preparing a big meal together is also a way for couples to communicate their feelings,couples who often cook and eat together at home have more sex and are more coorperative.

5、Swith birth control

Hormonal changes are a major influence on libido,and some oral contraceptives reduce the body’s production of androgens,which in turn reduces libido.some oral contraceptives can also cause painful sex,and even if you don’t use birth control,you should be aware of hormonal changes to help improve libido.however,if you think birth control pills can have side effects,it is recommended that you use condoms for safety and comfort,wearing condom can stimulate a man’s sexual desire,increase the orgasm of sex,let the sexual partner feel the sexual satisfaction.

6、Get seven hours of sleep a day

Sleep quality is closely related to sexual satisfation and marital quality.however,sleep-deprived couples are prone to conflict in their lives because of the detrimental effects sleep deprivation on emotional regulation and cognitive function,so it is recommended that couples get regular sleep and get seven hours of sleep a day.

7、Check the drug

if you feel low libido,it’s best to check the medications you’re taking.in addtion to birth control pills、blood perssure medications、gastroesophageal reflux drugs,and anti-anxiety and depression medications are also common killers of libido,if you find that a drug affects your libido,talk to your doctor about switching to another drug that has fewer side effects.

8、Watch comedy and laugh together

Comedy is a great way for couples to spend quality time together.laughter incerase the production of endorphins,reduce stress,relieves pain,boosts immunity and lower blood pressure.having fun and laughing together can also make each other sex and increase the chance of sex.telling jokes and keeping a sewnse of humor are among the prerequisites for a long and happy marriage.

9、Turn your bedroom into private space

The habit of letting children crawl around in bed,or sharing a bed with a pet cat or dog,can lead to a loss of sexual interest. changeing these habits will take some time,but resoring the bedroom to a place where couples can have sex will make it more relaxing and romatic.tell the child is installed in another bedroom,lock the room door,make sure husband and wife enjoy 2 people illicit close space.

10、Keep healthy snacks on hand

Healthy snacks can help people keep their blood sugar levels stable,increase energy supply,increase self-control,and avoid conflicts and arguments,if you’re going to discuss important issues withyour partner,don’t go on an empty stomach and eat healthy snacks like pistachios、dried apple、beef jerky etc…

11、Eat more vegetables,fish and so on

A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables,dark fish,grains and olive oil can not only improve the health of the heart,but also increase the secretion of the hormone progesterone,promote libido,reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction in men an improve overall marital happiness.

12、Book sex time

Make sex a must for couples in the same way that doctors,work meetings and friends get together.setting specific times for sex is a commitment to a positive life,keeping promises and fewer excuses.

13、relase stress before sex

Chronic stress,such as living in a stressful environment for long periods of time,can have serious negative effects on health,such as increased blood pressure and weight gain,acute stress,such as flghting with friends and facing deadlines at work,can also take a toll on relationships,daily stresses such as work and child school performance have a far greater impact on our sex lives than we might think.

Stress causes the body to produce more cortisol,a hormone that can suppress sexual desire.the couple should develop the good habit that is good at decompressing,wash hot bath before sex,do massage, read a married book,they can calm nerves and relieve pressure.

14、 the bath of husband and wife

Bathing together can help pull couples closer,improve ralationships and make sex more fun,bath together,wash the body for each other to enjoy each other,play,increase the passion of sex.

15、Stay away from tobacco

There are links between smoking and heart disease,cancer and many other diseases.quitting smoking not only reduces people’s risk of developing these diseases,but also improves their mental health.studies have shown that people who quit smoking have lower levels of anxiety and depression,are more active and have more active sex lives,qutting smoking can also reduce erectile problems in men.