Classification of common sex toys

When it comes to the topic of sex toys, everyone will feel embarrassed, but with the popularization of surname knowledge and surname education, more and more adults have begun to understand sex toys, sex products, and accept and enjoy the happiness brought by adult surname products! There is a scale There are hundreds of varieties of sex toys stores, but they can all be grouped into several categories:
1. Local anesthetics
Represented by various “spirit oils”, its principle of action is to apply local mucosal anesthesia to the glans to reduce the sensitivity of the external genitalia, thereby increasing the stimulation intensity (threshold) of stimulating ejaculation and prolonging the time of sexual intercourse.
This is a good treatment for patients with premature ejaculation caused by overly sensitive penile skin and glans mucosa. But if premature ejaculation is caused by a disorder of the central nervous system and the threshold of sexual stimulation to which the brain tolerates is too low, such drugs have little effect.

2. Enhanced sexual stimulation
Such as glans coronal sulcus ring (elastic ring with protruding stimuli, fixed in the coronal sulcus under the glans), penis coat (silicon is mostly used as material, can ‘enlarge and lengthen’ the penis, with more protruding stimuli), with protrusions Stimulant condoms, etc. Their role is to increase, strengthen the stimulation of the vagina, thereby making it easier for women to achieve orgasm.

3. Lubricants
Such products are suitable for insufficient sexual excitement, or postmenopausal women. It lubricates the vagina and reduces discomfort and even pain during intercourse. It is also suitable for women who are inexperienced and who are too nervous to be fully sexually excited. It allows women to easily get used to and adapt to the penetration of the penis.

At present, the special devices commonly used in clinical practice include:
male penis health ring
The health care ring is a ring-shaped air bag, which can produce a “tight grip” effect on the root of the penis after gas injection, reduce the return of penile venous blood, fully fill the corpus cavernosum with blood, and promote the continued erection of the penis. Combined with massage, it can enhance the degree of erection, prolong the erection time, and enhance sexual function. It is suitable for weak erections and also has a significant effect on overcoming premature ejaculation.

male artificial vagina
It is helpful for impotence patients. Since the artificial vagina contains oscillators or peristalsis devices, it has a certain massage and stimulation effect on the penis, which is helpful for its function recovery. Modern artificial vaginas are made of high-grade plastic and are either portable or attached to the entire plastic female body.

female oscillator
The power source is battery or alternating current, and a cam device is mostly driven by a small motor, thereby generating an oscillation with a frequency of 80 times/second or an oscillation with an adjustable frequency. This high-frequency stimulation is easy to arouse the continuous growth of sexual excitement, and makes patients who do not ejaculate quickly break the orgasm threshold and overcome the orgasm barrier. The vibrator is divided into male and female. The male one is generally designed as a semen collection device, the female one is designed to imitate the penis, and there are also general-purpose types.