Basic Maintenance of Sex Doll

The sex doll industry is booming recently, even though the design of realistic sex dolls has been passed a long way, it has developed from the blow-up sex doll to the lifelike sex doll. You will be shocked by the lifelike appearance and really feel. Whatever the advanced technology or skilled artificial work craft, It makes possible for the intimate sexual experience.
It is an obvious indication that more and more sex doll types are created and purchased. It is also not hard to combine the ideal body shape and admiring face. What’s more, some vendors also offer the customized service. You can choose the eye color, hair style, even the skin color according to your personal preference. You will accomplish the transformation of the general doll to your private fantasy partner.

The sexy sex doll is absolutely sophisticated, her gorgeous features are impressive without any doubt. While the daily maintained appears to exclusively important. The basic care for sexy sex doll covers cleaning and drying.

1 Entire cleaning
Due to the characteristics of skin materials, the sexy sex doll will be adhered by dust for the improper storage condition. Periodical entire cleaning is essential for a better experience. You can use antibacterial cleaner or soap to fix it.

2 Special cleaning
We know the sexy sex doll provides three sex channels, oral, vaginal, anal same like a real woman. Men prefer to take advantage of it for fulfilling more sexual fun. Therefore, cleaning the intracorporeal parts is necessary but not such easy. You have to turn inside out as possible. And eliminate sperms or other foreign matters in case it grows bacteria. Fortunately, the manufacturer has developed the removable vagina, it makes cleaning easier, people just need to drag it out and clean it like other sex toys.

3 Drying and dusting
No matter outside or inner parts, you have to keep it dry, then dust some baby powder on the whole body(inside and out). In that case, the sexy sex doll will be smooth and fresh. Otherwise, the sex doll flesh will become sticky and more dust gathering.

If you have a sex doll aside, you are welcome to bookmark this page for reference. Or you can visit for other maintenance.