Are TPE physical sex dolls toxic?

The quality of the physical sex doll and whether it is poisonous are the most concerned parts. At present, the materials of physical sex dolls are generally based on silicone and TPE. sex dolls of these two materials, if only in terms of grade, must be more high-grade silicone.

The properties of silicone are dry to the touch and a skin-soft touch on the surface. The surface is never oily or sticky. And no unpleasant smell. However, the price of silica gel material is expensive. At present, the platinum silica gel on the market is at least more than $5,000 per ton.

In comparison, the price of TPE materials is much cheaper. Currently, the price of TPE used to produce physical sex dolls on the market is around $2,000 to $2,500 per ton. In fact, in the cost of TPE physical sex dolls, the material cost is only a part, and the processing cost accounts for a considerable proportion.

Regarding the toxicity and odor of TPE physical sex dolls.
Recently, I saw some comments about TPE sex dolls in the Entity sex doll Post Bar, saying some problems with TPE sex dolls. In fact, these problems exist. The author specifically states as follows:

1. About the toxicity of TPE entity sex dolls
The main components of the TPE of the physical sex doll are SEBS, white oil (or paraffin oil), and some slip additives, flavors, etc. are added. Among these components, SEBS is a styrene polymer elastomer, which is considered to be non-toxic and can provide relevant SGS reports; white oil is generally some saturated linear or cyclic chain hydrocarbons, which are non-toxic; Slippery additives, usually inorganic substances, are non-toxic, and finally, flavors, if natural flavors are used, they are definitely non-toxic, but the cost is higher. With artificial flavors, it can be said that it does not contain prohibited toxic substances. However, if these essences have been exposed for a long time, there is no potential health hazard, and no one dares to make a 100% guarantee. It is recommended that when purchasing a physical sex doll made of TPE material, it is best to choose a sex doll with a lighter fragrance.

2. TPE entity sex doll smell
The smell of TPE sex dolls mainly comes from the essence and the white oil components inside. Some inferior chemical synthetic flavors will have a strong smell and pungent smell; in addition, low-end white oil, the heavy fractions in it will often exceed the standard, and there will be an unpleasant smell of diesel oil. It is recommended to buy a higher-grade TPE sex doll.

3. The surface feel of the physical sex doll
SEBS, the core component of TPE, has good oil-extending properties, but different SEBS grades have different oil-extending ratios and oil-locking properties. Of course, this also has something to do with the oil. The surface of low-end TPE sex dolls is prone to oil, and the touch is sticky and uncomfortable. Better quality TPE sex dolls will not have these problems.

In general, (platinum) silicone solid sex dolls are above TPE sex dolls. There are also different grades in TPE sex dolls. The inferior TPE solid sex dolls have a strong smell, and the surface may even appear oily and sticky. It is recommended to choose the appropriate sex doll according to your own economic conditions.