Adult Art-“Sex” and “Beauty” Behind Physical Dolls

Thanks to the deep cultivation of brands such as SexRealDoll, sex dolls have gained a foothold in the adult toy industry. These brands have received extensive media attention for their innovative ultra-realistic dolls and today’s robotic technology.

In the past 2019, we have seen a substantial increase in the global physical doll market. What does this indicate?

“In addition to the fact that physical dolls have become more and more real in appearance in recent years, one thing that is difficult to ignore is social media attention. We believe that this contains many factors that determine the popularity of this industry in the current mainstream media. The factor is that e-commerce makes our connection so simple that it only needs to publish a video or a series of particularly beautiful physical doll photos on the self-media channels to spread quickly. Most of them are in daily life. They will not come into contact with physical dolls, so this gives them a bright feeling (maybe shocked!)”-a report from a foreign physical doll supplier.

When they saw a physical doll for the first time, they were often shocked and curious about its realism, and they wanted to impress their friends with this new discovery. And some people will be frightened by this sense of reality and will be judged heavily on social software. First of all respect everyone’s right to speak, this is not wrong, but maybe some relevant documentary content can tell them that it is not shameful. Another cause for concern may be the emergence of ideological movements such as “feminism” and “single thoughts”. Physical dolls have become a hot topic of debate, and supporters and opponents coexist side by side.
Maybe we can change our thinking to look at it, such as art and design. Human beings are born obsessed with the unknown (this is also the reason for the continuous progress of human beings). We might as well regard the doll as a species medium for expressing ourselves and exploring the unknown in a certain field. When you enter Yimei (a well-known physical doll forum in China), you will quickly find that more people are talking about the design, assembly, and specifications of the doll, as well as the dressing of the doll by the owner, the special name, and personality assigned to it, etc. Wait.

You will soon realize that this is not only about sex but also about creativity and imagination. This is a hobby, the same as men’s enthusiasm for classic cars and women’s obsession with lipsticks in different colors. People appreciate the perfect design and manufacturing methods of the product, as are physical dolls.
In fact, the owners of physical dolls will hold some activities similar to “making friends” between dolls. The outside world has two extreme views on the activities of baby friends. Most people feel that this needs to be done in secret. In fact, for many baby friends, these dolls have lost their adult function to a certain extent, and they are valued only because of their curvilinear design, shape quality, unique character dress, and unfailing friendship with them.

According to a practitioner in the silicone doll industry: “Our customers are more diverse than any customer group. We sell to people of different genders, couples, doll collectors, COSER, widows, athletes, photographers, and fashionistas.”

“Everyone has their own unique personal reasons to own a physical doll. We even have long-distance lovers who buy dolls from each other as gifts. Some people have one, some have many, and some people are asked on the forum “How many do you have?” “Adult doll”? “Will answer “No, but I have three “partners” or “relatives”. Or “I have a doll collection cabinet, I have not “used” them, they are just my dolls”. Some are motivated by sex, Some are not. Some are mentally stimulated, and then it changes completely and unexpectedly.”
What I want to say is that most of the baby friends are civilized, polite, open, and honest. The physical doll is a sensitive product, trust and respect go both ways. If the roles change, we also hope to be treated with respect and kindness from others. And more brand merchants are helping some groups to get partners when they think life cannot give them the attention they deserve.

If you ask, is a sex doll a long-term solution? Who knows, but for now, it seems to be doing well in terms of social acceptance and industry sales.