9 tips about sex doll safety

Many people ignore their own health because they satisfy their own feelings, so you can use this sex doll to see this advice!

1. View certification to avoid fakes
The sex toys industry also has a lot of cheap products to make money, you can check the certification or buy from a reputable store.
2. Never ask for the next best
You can’t do it in terms of intimacy, taste and health. Don’t buy a cheap sex item because it looks like an affordable version of a more trustworthy brand, not worth the risk.

3. Keep the toys clean
The love products you love, they will love you too. Treat them well, wash before use, store carefully, check for damage, and use antibacterial wipes.
4. Share
If you are sharing your sex toy, it is best to have a condom on it and replace it every time. This is a good awareness.
5. Avoid pectin
Jelly gel is a material used in many products and is treated with any amount of plastic softener, or phthalate. Phthalates are harmful and may cause cancer. This information can help you make the right purchase choice and keep it safe.
6. Choose silicone
Silica gel is a good material, antibacterial and widely used by many big brands of sex toys. Smooth, comfortable and easy to clean. The use of silica gel usually indicates that the manufacturer works correctly, but avoids sticky silica that tends to adsorb dust.
7. Pay attention to glass and metal
Although glass and metal are easy to clean, be sure to ensure high quality glass and avoid any metals that can cause allergic reactions.
8. Read the purchase evaluation
Go online to find out how others are evaluating the sex toys you are interested in. There are also a lot of trusted sex toy bloggers and community of commentary toys on the Internet, all of which can tell you all the information you need.
9. Website
Be sure to check out the website that produces your sex toys manufacturer. If they don’t even have a website, their security is not guaranteed.