12 ways to increase “sex” interest

Good sex life can improve their feelings, so many men and women are very interested in ways to improve the lives of couples. Because many people misunderstand sex in life, they think it is a mechanical “exercise”. Experts point out that this is absolutely wrong. of. What are the ways to improve married life?

  1. New postures, such as standing up, or when he sits and you ride on him. However, there is no need to make new styles every day, sometimes it is surprisingly good.
  2. get out of the bedroom and discover other places for sex at home, such as doing it at the dinner table or on the piano.
  3. Don’t lie down like a dead pig, be slutty, be hot on the bed.
  4. With the help of gadgets, scratch his body with a sweater, use both hands and lower body, bite his ears, rub his inner thighs up and down with his legs, cover his eyes with a silk scarf or tie his hands, etc. to add new feeling Gadgets.
  5. Sex games, write down your sexual fantasies on a small piece of paper, fold it and put it in the box, close your eyes and draw out one, put your sexual fantasies into action with him on the spot, and the rest of the notes can be left to be clear Continue late.
  6. Put your face close to his body and rub every inch of his skin, especially the sensitive areas that were rarely touched before, such as behind the knees.
  7. give him a thrilling, breathless kiss.
  8. Encourage him to speak secret sexual fantasies. You know that talking does not mean you have to do it. Many men only need to talk about their sexual desires to stimulate sexual impulses.
  9. let him know how much you like his body. “Strong chest, strong legs, lovely buttocks”, touching those parts while talking.
  10. Don’t make the gesture of caressing statically. However, most men prefer more vigorous strokes.
  11. Play “Sex Hotline” and talk to him about sex on the phone.
  12. Use ultra-thin condoms. This is a simple way. Ultra-thin condoms are made for fun. There are two different choices of ultra-thin and fun, which will bring you a double sex experience. When gentle, wear an ultra-thin condom, such as The lacquer is like glue, and it is lubricated and unimpeded to enjoy the ultimate lingering when thrusting; when domineering, wearing a bump cover, the gun is like a dragon, and the climax between in and out makes her scream constantly. Really follow your heart, follow your heart!

In other words, don’t you know her better?
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