Sex doll can help men, is it good or bad?

With China facing a massive gender gap and a greying population, a company wants to hook up lonely  men and retirees with a new kind of companion: “Smart” sex dolls that can talk, play music and turn on dishwashers. China also has a rapidly ageing population, which is putting strains on the healthcare
and social welfare system.

While many people argue that sex dolls will replace human sexual relationships, we should remember  that these dolls are not for everyone. Furthermore, even though sex dolls are becoming more and more  human-like, they will never truly be able to replace human beings in reality.

The sex doll fitted with a wifi function similar to the iPhone’s Siri application, can surf the internet and respond to voice commands. It can turn home appliances that are connected to the wifi on and off.

Sex dolls are equipped with tons of desirable sexual features that can impress just about anyone, and they won’t be arguing with their owners either. Additionally, the use of a realistic sex doll might even be able to improve real-life sexual relationships, rather than eliminating real-life sexual relationships

They buy adult silicone dolls for 20,00 dollar each The doll is fake but the company is real

Silicone dolls can smile, talk, solve your sexual needs and accompany loneliness.
So what’s the experience of living with an adult sex doll?

The love of quadrants and social barriers are all reasons to play with sex dolls, among which loneliness is the most frequently mentioned one.
For mark and Valentine, they mean companionship.

Mark thinks he is fat, “the average woman doesn’t like fat people very much. Being fat means being selfish and greedy.
At this time, the small sakura cannot speak but became a faithful partner, silent audience, so that he can not care about the image, do not care about their shortcomings and shortcomings.

Mark also found it difficult to find a girlfriend.
“My family planned for me to have a child when I was 25, but to start a family, I had to think about how to support the children and how much money they had.
Like an abacus, trying to calculate which value which is not worth.
He would prefer that “everyone chooses to love, not by compulsion, but with great sincerity.”
Sakura’s existence is the only way for him to live a happy life without making any changes.
Think carefully, without interfering with the lives of others and social stability, choose their way of life, why not?
After all, people live in this world, have to comfort is a rare thing.

Russia’s first sex machine hotel has opened

Russia’s first sex doll hotel opened, welcome to experience.

According to the sun, the unique hotel in Moscow’s business district costs between 17.75 and 29.5 pounds an hour for a room. The total price will rise to 60 pounds an hour, plus the use of sex dolls, and even includes anti-eavesdropping services.

Dmitry Alexandrov, the hotel’s founder, says he set up the particular hotel to help people in need.

“Statistics show that 36 percent of Russians are dissatisfied with their sex life.
Establishing such a comprehensive adult leisure center in Russia can not only improve your sex life safely and legally but also combat one of Russia’s oldest problems — the violent exploitation of women for prostitution.

It also helps that people with mental disorders, such as in Spain, 30 percent of users of sex dolls have psychological or physical problems.

“Some men fail to improve their relationships with women, leading to underlying dissatisfaction that can evolve into aggressive and aggressive sexual behavior,” Alexandrov said.

The problem needs to be solved by a professional ‘call girl’ who can turn his sexual fantasies into reality.

He also stressed that after each customer USES the dolls, they will be thoroughly disinfected according to international standards to ensure there is no risk of infection.

The hotel divides these sex dolls into two categories, one is the independent royal elder sister type, and the other is the gentle and shy lovely type, and has given each sex doll a name, such as a lolita, Sasha, Natasha, Alice, more accessible and so on.

Dennis, a local Russian customer, said after using the doll, “these sex robots are very lifelike, I never thought they would be like this.”

Another user, Maksim, said: ‘it’s great that we now have a place to go, a place where we can have new experiences and not feel guilty about losing fidelity to our partner.
I love everything here, a polite receptionist, a great modern room, and of course a great sex doll.

Would you go to Russia for a try?

Is it cheating to have sex with a sex doll?

According to a recent U.S. survey, nearly half of Americans expect sex with sex doll to become the norm within the next 50 years.
Men and women have more significant cognitive differences…

Sex toy companies across Europe have said they are in talks with “interested investors” to expand their operations around the world, as customers have snapped up sex dolls.

In this context, the United States recently launched a survey on the relationship between human and sexual dolls, online survey platform YouGov Omnibus results show that 49% of Americans believe that the next 50 years, human and doll sex will become the norm.

But not everyone is ready, with only 9 percent of women saying they would like to spend the night with a sex doll, while 24 percent of men would like to have a sex doll partner, according to the survey.

Appearance also affects a person’s willingness to have sex with a sex doll, with 52 % saying they would like to have sex with a sex doll, but only if the sex doll looks very similar to a human.

Americans were also divided on whether having sex with a sex doll while interacting with a human was cheating. According to the survey, 32 percent of people think people should be considered unfaithful, but 33 percent don’t.

The gap between men and women was even more extensive, with 36 percent saying it was cheating and 29 percent saying it was not.

The opposite was exact for men, with 29 percent saying it was cheating and 37 percent saying it was not.

What do you think about sex dolls at the end of the article?

Let’s talk about sex doll

Single people always want someone hot and sexy. It is understandable that a man should be just as strong as a man of blood. But what should I do if I can’t find someone for a while?

Maybe what you need is a sex doll.

Back in 2015, a company called True Companion launched “the world’s first sex doll,” Roxxxy. The robot, which has the shape of an inflatable doll, cannot only meet human sexual needs but also can upgrade itself and learn independently. Thousands of pre-orders have been placed for the $7,000 robot, which has yet to be released.

Kathleen Richardson and Erik Billing also set up a website named Campaign Against Sex dolls for discussion, just like the “anti-weapon robot” organization that appeared earlier.

Ethicists believe that the development of sex dolls is suspected of objectifying women and children, as well as affecting human relations.

Kathleen Richardson and Erik Billing argue that because “sex dolls” are mostly passive receivers, they can fuel sexual abuse in humans and even make people lose empathy over time.

Supporters of the movement say “sex dolls” are effectively equivalent to the sex trade, which could become rampant if left unchecked.
They believe that:
Extending the sex trade to dolls is both unethical and unsafe.

But I think the real purpose of creating sex dolls is to make her a conversation partner for loners and introverts, to bring them happiness and satisfaction.


You have to see this awesome thriller movie

<<Love Object>>

It tells the story of a man who meets a sex doll and the woman he loves.

It’s a rumor about Kenneth’s knitting, a socially adept but unreliable craft writer who forced “Nikki” to have sex with him. Nikki is an anatomically delicate silicone sex doll ordered from the Internet.

Kenneth’s life has changed dramatically since he started practicing with his new toy, and the romance he discovered caught the eye of his office colleague Lisa.But when the doll’s jealous nature begins to attack his consciousness, Kenneth is trapped in an abnormal triangle, torn between the domineering silicone Nikki and the living, real Lisa.

More and more Chinese girls are using sex toys, um… I think it’s a good thing!

 An adult products company released a survey report,  Strikingly, the report mentioned that Chinese female consumers of sex toys are dramatically improving.

For instance, 63 percent of vibrators on their company was purchased by women, and the average price of female-bought lubricants was four times higher than male-bought lube, it said.

As Scientific Investigation Shows, the Chinese female sex toy market is indeed rising. More and more Chinese women are treating themselves to dildos, vibrators, electric butterflies and so forth.  Many comments on the item pages to share their experiences and sensations and some even dare to publicly discuss their purchases on social media.

In a relatively conservative country like China, I’m glad to see that women, in particular, are now more open to sex-related topics and purchases. For thousands of years, Chinese have regarded sex as a taboo that most people are reluctant to talk about.

I’m glad to see that a growing number of younger Chinese women no longer regard sex as something dirty or wrong. With the help of sex toys and e-commerce, we can put aside any pregnancy, health or purity concerns and simply enjoy a good orgasm whenever the mood strikes us.

Only when we are ready to entertain ourselves and take care of our own bodies without worrying about being judged by men, we will achieve a fairly open, civilized and healthy society.