Will child simulation doll stop pedophilia or promote it?

Japan has produced and sold children’s simulation dolls in 2016, which has aroused strong social repercussions. We don’t know if this is a new market channel for business profitability. But the founder of the business said that these life-size real dolls can prevent pedophiles from starting with real children, but many believe that they are also skeptical.

Trottla is a Japanese company specializing in the production of such children’s dolls. The company’s founder, Shin Takagi, said the dolls can prevent pedophiles from committing crimes because of impulsiveness and helping people to legitimately and reasonably understand their desires. But many people were shocked by the news and condemned the buyers who bought the dolls, feeling “disgusting” and “terrible.”

There are still some people who believe that as long as one person does not harm others, this is acceptable. These simulated children’s dolls can reduce the harm that children can suffer. The attempt for this purpose is really trying to solve the problem of pedophilia.
The simulated doll evenĀ simulated adult doll isĀ  inspiring and simple and harmless, both for children and for adults. It is as if we can’t oppose violence and rape-type movies, and their existence is still somewhat reasonable.