Why Vibrators Can Be Accepted, But Sex Dolls Are Avoided by The Public?

The discussion surrounding the hyper-rational sexual behavior of sex dolls has led to the question: if women can have vibrators, why can’t men have sex dolls?Many women find sex doll’s aggression and contrasts with the vibrator, and after the change of The Times, vibrator has already become a kind of strengthening the means of female sexual desire, from the beginning to avoid this is society.

Both methods help individuals enjoy sex alone.Clearly, sex dolls are meant to make people look like women and epitomize the ideal woman in real life.Not all vibrators are designed to replicate the penis.Women’s vibrators are now fashionable, with soft hues, rich material contours and thick bindings.For men, lifelike sex dolls still have the mark of being used by depressed men who are unable (or unwilling) to take part in typical human activities, and are considered annoying.Dildos was one of the first sex toys invented.When sex toys became popular, doctors and GPS advised them to treat hysteria.When women’s sex toys were advertised in adult magazines, their reputations began to deteriorate and the magazines were considered “too sexy”.Thanks to female-driven sexual technology, vibrators are finally moving away from pointless genital and heterosexuality programs.Still, while the sex toy industry for women is being liberated from anatomical remedies, the sex doll industry is moving in the opposite direction.


In real life, there are always some women who can’t enjoy a good sex life for various reasons.Masturbation provides vibrator can improve the quality of people’s sex life, but also can make women get the normal marriage life satisfaction, and can effectively reduce the unethical behavior such as looking for partner or a one night stand.It’s very good for women’s physical and mental health.Is good.

Women, on the other hand, may prefer vibrators because of female masturbation.Although masturbation is a normal physiological phenomenon, but for girls, if you don’t have the habit of masturbation, it is not recommended because of curiosity, who make a habit of masturbation girl, cannot too frequent masturbation, masturbation safety problem is particularly important.

In my opinion, there is a clear difference between male and female sexual behavior in most societies.You can extend it to the concept of masturbation toys.In most cases, the vibrator is considered a female masturbation tool, while the lifelike sex doll is considered a male masturbation tool.Generally speaking, female orgasm during masturbation is sexy and celebratory, while male orgasm during masturbation is shameful and creepy.This is the result of my experiences in the sex toy industry.

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The most dangerous and frightening thing about lifelike sex dolls is that they treat women like toys for men to play with.They risk reinforcing the idea that women’s bodies exist only for men’s happiness.Is it good to persuade men not to talk, not to move, not even to relax?Beresford believes that lifelike sex dolls do allow men to encourage superior sexual relationships and comfort themselves in the absence of others, social unrest, innocence or reluctance.However, adult sex doll is the best choice for men when their wives are reluctant to have sex because they are 100 times better than prostitutes or men who suppress their sexual desire.Adult sex dolls can not only satisfy men’s desires, but also teach them to be better in the bedroom.

Adult Sex dolls and mannequins can be used to improve people’s sexual health.They are especially helpful for those who are sexually active, and for those who have a partner who is pregnant or disabled.There are many documentaries and movies about the use of adult sex dolls.There is also much information available to promote the use of sex toys and masturbation.I think the confusion probably stems from people’s relationship to sex dolls.

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Hallie Lieberman, the creator of the buzz, says that an exciting history of sex toys shows that comparing realistic sex doll¬†with vibrator isn’t entirely deceptive.”I think from that point on, we’ve put them in an isolated category, which can be devastating,” she said.From then on, we get confused about realistic sex dolls and see them as startling ‘other’.”Sex dolls may look like women, but they will not replace women, just as vibrators will not replace men.””I think there are several reasons why vibrators are more popular than sex dolls.”Part I think it is based on we think men are naturally enough, don’t need a small tool or a¬†realistic sex doll to play, they will figure out how to give yourself orgasm when young, however, some ladies before the age of 30 or 40 no orgasm.

From the beginning, women’s sexuality is ignored, misjudged, or discussed about men’s happiness.In fact, even the vibrator itself is used by men to treat female insanity.In any case, we have finally entered a wave of sexual instability that is gaining sexual consistency.In the end, sex dolls are just as dangerous as men who use them, and it’s not where we resist or discard them.One day, though, sex dolls will be standardized into basic.