What’s so good about a good silicone doll?

A lot of want to buy silicone doll friends, do not know where the good silicone doll, in fact, the main good appearance and workmanship, material, life, these three aspects, of course, this is my personal experience, only for reference!

The look is important: when you buy a silicone doll, a large part of it is actually the look, and the look is the first impression. After all, and fall in love, place object is different, the doll has no idea, so you do not need to have what common language with her, do not expect her to be kind-hearted, so, appearance is very important.

The appearance of the silicone doll focus: the overall body shape and proportion, face, chest, private part of the lower body, buttocks, legs.

These parts is the most important part of exterior, whole looks to harmony, the proportion is better, face to a realistic, although cannot ask each doll on the market has a baby face and head (sexrealdoll doll’s head of science and technology is art made of wax sculptor who face shape, and enable the facial makeup makeup artist) with many years of experience, but at least want to have the most basic truth? Otherwise it looks fake!

Chest also should real just go, lower body, buttocks, leg, the appearance of these a few parts, must be true, otherwise nobody buys!

Appearance and workmanship, can eliminate a large number of, speaking of material…

In fact, the material can not only determine the use experience, can also determine the life yo! So material and life together say cough up!

The doll made of high-end material and high-quality material, take the chest as an example, good material it will be softer and true, and close to the color of human skin and touch, more elastic, and good material is safe, non-toxic, no side effects, no odor, use life of course will be longer.

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