What do women hate to hear a man ask them the most

Men fight for their families and women fight for the world. Women are more gentle than men, but some women have their own independent space and women have privacy that they don’t want to be asked. What privacy do women hate most when men ask about themselves? Men want women to be gentle and virtuous, women want men to be more considerate; men want to occupy all of women, and women want to be all of a men. Therefore, men always want to thoroughly understand women’s hearts. When thinking about women’s minds, there are four privacy issues that must not be asked of them, hurting their feelings and self-esteem.

1. Who did you first have sex with?

Every woman will have the past life, stories that happened in the past, some sad, some painful, some happy, some sweet, but the most unforgettable stories that finally settled in her mind, most of them are hopeless and helpless. Young don’t understand, for love and put out the fire, thought that love a person is a lifetime, desperate, but in the end was defeated by reality, was injured. Never ask a woman who is the first man she loves and who she gave it to for the first time. This scar, no matter when it is uncovered, will be painful.

2,How many boyfriends have you lived with?

Not every woman can find her own Prince smoothly. Some women go through mountains and rivers, and they don’t necessarily find a man who makes them happy. Never ask her how many boyfriends she has had or how many people she has loved before. Who is willing to give a man the opportunity to hurt himself again and again, who is willing to talk about another hopeless love. Thick love history may make you doubt her sincerity, but please don’t doubt that a woman married you at the stake of her life’s happiness. I am willing to marry you because I believe in you and love you deeply.

3,What kind of intimacy do you like?

Most women don’t want to express themselves in words, not all women are open in terms of sex. More women are willing to express their inner feelings with their bodies, rather than express their privacy at a glance. So, when you want to know whether your woman is satisfied with her sex, you don’t need to ask more, use your eyes to observe more, and pay more attention to her attitude towards you afterwards, whether she feels sweet, happy, or happy.

4. Who has had a crazy night with?

No matter how much the woman in front of you loves you, if she has had a crazy night with a strange man, it will be a secret she will never tell in her life. Maybe she used to be too naive, too naive, desperate for love, or just impulsive, or being cheated by the love field veteran Facing life, such experience, for them, choosing to forget is the best medicine.

Love means unconditional acceptance of her past, so, womanhood, seafloor needle, do not try to see through a woman completely. Maybe it’s their past stories that make you appreciate the one you love and love. Women with stories often understand men’s hearts better. Because of experience, so know, because know, so just compassion.