What are the minefields that women can’t touch during sex

In terms of sex, many women feel that they know how to entertain each other. But in fact, some unconscious sexual errors may have put sexual life at risk. Here are some of the most common sexual mistakes women make. We give some ways to avoid them and help them enjoy their sexual happiness better.

Mistake 1: Fake orgasm. The primary reason why women disguise orgasm is to please their sexual partners. But pretending to orgasm can have a lot of negative effects, such as making your partner think the current model is the best, and then continuing to do so. In the long run, it will be more and more difficult for women to achieve real orgasm, and even make pseudo orgasm become normal. Once the man finds out, he may hurt his feelings. If it’s hard to have an orgasm you can use a sex toy or a sex doll to get what you want.

Avoid method: consciously keep true, frankly express your feelings in sexual love, let your partner know that you can enjoy the real climax after constant adjustment.

Mistake 2: Completely naked. Exposure can not bring sexy, too much exposure may bring negative psychological impact, and even make men lose sexual interest. On the contrary, men prefer to be invisible.

Avoid method: don’t be naked in front of him, put on sexy underwear, and then have a loose Pajama or silk skirt outside, which will attract his attention properly.

Mistake 3: Blame yourself when he can’t have an erection. When a partner can’t have an erection, a woman will feel that she doesn’t have enough attraction and even doubt the man’s love for her. In fact, men have erectile problems for many reasons.

Avoid method: give him more encouragement and care, more time to find self-confidence, and accompany him to consult a doctor if necessary.

Mistake 4: Compare him with other men. It’s not a good idea to compare him with other men face to face or secretly in my heart. Studies have shown that recalling past sexual relationships can affect current sexuality.

Avoid it: when you start to think of other men, try to stop thinking and focus on your new partner.

Mistake 5: Think men need more sex. Women always think that men are “lower body” animals, thinking about sex all day, like more sexual stimulation. In fact, men’s sexual needs are not higher than women’s.

Avoid method: don’t always guess his sexual needs, don’t worry about not meeting them, fully express your ideas, both sides get satisfaction together, and it’s also what men want to unify sex and love.

Mistake 6: Don’t say what you really want. Many women have their own sexual needs and preferences, for example, a certain posture is more likely to climax, a certain caress is more likely to be excited, but they often do not want to say it, but wait for each other to develop.

Avoid it: there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying sex, finding the right opportunity to say what you think, and trying it out, and your sex life will explode with more passion.