What are the health benefits of masturbation

In sexual life, men tend to ignore their own concerns. Their understanding of their bodies may be far less than that of games and work.

Clinically, many patients encounter problems and appear confused because they do not understand the physical characteristics of men. In fact, as a qualified man, first of all, he should be responsible for his own body, especially understand some common sense of andrology. The most common misconception among patients who come to see a doctor is that masturbation is harmful to the body. The direct source of this misconception is the concept of maintaining semen in ancient China. There is a saying that “one drop of semen, ten drops of blood” in China, that masturbation can lead to “kidney deficiency”. Some men who have physical discomfort first say when they see the doctor: “doctor, I often masturbate because it leads to kidney deficiency.” There are also some men, because masturbation produces guilt, remorse, regret psychology, and even caused serious mental illness, affecting sexual ability. In addition to masturbation, you can use sex toy and sex doll to address your physical needs.

In fact, moderate masturbation is not only harmless to the body, but also beneficial to some extent: men can improve their self-knowledge and sexual sensitivity through masturbation, and avoid unhealthy contact without sexual living conditions. However, we need to remind that excessive masturbation will cause frequent congestion of reproductive organs, cause male sterility or bacterial prostatitis, and cause external genitalia, lower abdominal pain, etc. Therefore, men should masturbate scientifically, not only to satisfy their bodies, but also not to affect their health. Generally, it is better for unmarried men to have 2-3 times a month, and married men to have 1-2 times a month. Every time after masturbation, there was no discomfort in the perineum, no tiredness, lack of energy, etc.

There are also some men who are very nervous about their prostate, mainly due to lack of knowledge. Data show that about 50% of men suffer from prostatitis at some time in their lives. Prostate disease is as common as a cold. Most of the patients have no clear progress and will not threaten the life and important organs of the patients. Therefore, men should not talk about prostatitis and change their color, let alone go to hospital.

Finally, male friends must “take care of” their bodies and “lifeblood” of men in details of life. In life, we should drink less, eat less spicy food, avoid sedentary, insist on physical exercise, regular life, etc.