What are the europeans under siege for? The inflatable doll has risen by 480%!

The outbreak of a new epidemic in China during the Spring Festival has affected many industries, especially the catering industry, the service industry, cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, gyms… All these are not open for business, but people still need to eat or have their hair cut, so under this special period of kitchen appliances, hair clippers sell super well… Everyone was forced to learn how to cook a few dishes.

These days, China controls the new crown, but the new crown in Europe and the United States has exploded in a big way. Besides the 540-fold increase in mask sales, what else are European countries buying?

With the outbreak in Europe becoming more and more severe, many places in Europe have started the mode of “city closure”. Local people have started to stock up on supplies for the homebody, and online platforms have become the first choice for homebody consumption.


On the online platform, the largest demand is still masks, can be said to be the first online platform hot category, e-commerce data shows that in Spain, mask sales increased 188 times in a month, gas mask sales increased 20 times; In Italy, mask sales grew 540 times and air purifiers eight times.

In addition to anti – epidemic supplies, the europeans in the closure of the city’s greatest need is in the indoor exercise. In the Spanish market, the most significant growth was in treadmills, where GMV (total sales) grew by 1159% month-on-month, rally bands by 500% and crossfit equipment by 421%. In Italy, GMV was up 615% month-on-month, while jerseys and sports underwear were up 293% and 286%, respectively.

In Spain, sales of LED televisions on an e-commerce platform rose 212% from the previous month, while sales of coffee makers rose 531%. Many italians stick to their hair and straight splint GMV saw a 308% month-on-month increase.


Sales of these items have increased as we can imagine, but there is one thing that has increased, I don’t know if you can imagine, is sex products. In Spain and Italy, sex dolls have increased by 262% and 480%, respectively, compared with the same period last year.

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