Unlock sex code 32361

A kiss for 3 minutes

Caress for 2 minutes

Stimulate for 3 minutes

6 minutes

Hold for 1 minute

About 90% of women have passed this string of codes and reached an unprecedented G wave in love.

. A kiss for 3 minutes

Kissing has many benefits. When kissing, the chemical hormones in the body will change, such as reducing cortisol levels (hormones related to human stress); passionate kisses can increase the sharing of male hormones in the saliva, testosterone and other male hormones, and accelerate the X of both sides Want to arouse.

Kiss, don’t just kiss your lips. You can also use the tip of the tongue to follow the complicated ear contour of the other party, lightly drawback and forth; use the tip of the tongue to gently drill the ear hole and rotate it slightly; nibble or suck the earlobe… even gently breathe behind the neck, like a warm current, let The other party’s body is instantly numb~

Kiss, don’t let your hands go idle. Touching the other person’s hair, palms, lower back, etc., can better arouse the other’s desires.

Caress for 2 minutes.

Some anxious men went straight to the subject after kissing. In fact, at this time, most women are more eager for a gentle caress.

Caress, slow down the speed of your fingertips as much as possible, touch the different sensitive areas on the other person’s body, you can touch, kiss, rub or lick, it will become current, flowing through the body, let the brain directly enter the hyperactivity Or a blank crash.

Caress, always pay attention to the reaction of the other party, stay more in the key zone, adjust the rhythm rate of the soothing as the other person breathes and breathes, gentle and rhythmic, imagine that you are doing things on she, doing things on the cherry tree in spring.

It is worth mentioning that the structure of the human body is the curve itself, so when we caress, we move gently on the other party’s body with a circle-like gesture to let her experience a “sexual stimulation” feeling.

.Stimulation for 3 minutes

Women’s G tide comes slowly, unlike men’s reach. According to research data, 95% of men can reach G tide when intimate behavior occurs between opposite sexes, while only 65% ​​of women have had G tide. Before they reach the peak, the other party is over.

For most women, YD stimulation is the best way for them to reach G wave. Then we will focus on this effort, touching or touching their private parts with hands or mouth!

It is more likely to cause strong physiological excitement than a hand, a flexible tongue, and a warm mouth. You may wish to try it.

Slap for 6 minutes.

Yes, the longer the time, the better. The female G tide occurs on average about 7 minutes after entering, if the time is too long, both sides are tired. In fact, women pay more attention to quality than long standby.

“As long as I live well, I like the length of time.”

“As long as it can make me G tide, seconds S can give you likes.”

Therefore, men do not need to pursue the “sports” duration. It is better to spend more time on the foreplay.

. Hold for 1 minute

When the two sides are about to usher in the G tide, remember not to change your posture or skills! Doing so may cause the other party to be distracted and let the upcoming G tide disappear instantly. At this time, you only need to maintain the position, control the speed and strength, and you can “detonate” in place!

If you want to change the pattern, please wait until the next round!

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