Trends of Sex Doll: Sales Will Continue to Grow in 2018

The emergence of new materials will always lead to a revolution. The appearance of medical silicone will lead to a change in the sex toy market.In recent years, sex dolls have developed rapidly with the progress of science and technology and lifelike materials. Artificial intelligence has brought sex dolls into the era of intelligence.

The Development Trend of Sex Dolls

Over the past year, silicone sex dolls equipped with heating systems have become more and more popular.This feature makes the silicone sex doll‘s skin temperature consistent with human body temperature, making the already lifelike companions more realistic.For many people, this makes interacting with them more pleasant.

sex doll

For some groups, over sized breasts are an attractive selling point and have become a trend in the silicone sex doll market.For another group, role-playing sex dolls are also a good choice.Play the role of a sexy nurse, teacher, or put on a cute pointy ear decoration, which is a detail that can attract a lot of attention.Others have turned their attention to artificial intelligence silicone sex dolls, which can interact with people, and this has become a new trend of silicone sex dolls.

A Change in public Perception of Sex Dolls

The public perception of realistic sex doll gradually changing, more and more people can accept the realistic sex dolls as my life partner, demand for realistic sex doll is more than sex, and company.The citizens of modern society seem to have the presence of loneliness, interpersonal communication gradually become complicated and not real, so everyone also wary to their neighbors, friends less and less, to listen to our inner truth are no more.With the development of The Times and the progress of science and technology, loneliness has occupied the human mind.Faithful realistic sex dolls are the best choice for modern humans.No fights, no betrayals, no arguments, just silence and peace.

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Change in The Sex Doll Market

The global toy market is now worth about $20 billion.That number is expected to jump to $30bn by 2020, three years from now.As more and more people choose to buy realistic sex dolls with realistic features, such as artificial intelligence and heating system, they will be more inclined to buy realistic sex dolls that can satisfy their own preferences.There are now a range of life-size sex dolls on the market, and you have a wide range of options.Choose from a variety of looks and heights: from big breasts to tiny breasts, from plump to slim, from sexy to cute.

Time will tell how realistic sex dolls will evolve, and someday they may be your partner.