The Most Popular Sex Dolls Forum And Community Catalogs

If you are worried about how to share your life with your sex doll and how to communicate with other sex doll lovers, then I tell you that there is no need to worry about it. Below I will introduce some of the major sex doll forums and communities, specifically for sex doll lovers, take a look at their main functions and features.

The Doll Forum

sex doll forum

Dollforum is a professional forum that discuss sex dolls, with more than 50000 members, More than 1.2 million posts have been posted. Silicone sex doll lovers to share their sex doll’s photo or story here,talk about everything about their silicone sex dolls. You can ask all kinds of questions about silicone sex dolls.¬†The sex doll forum also brings together silicone sex doll vendors to answer questions.There are also electronic silicone sex doll magazines for members to watch.


sex dolls forum

Ourdollcommute is smaller than dollforum, with only 5,000 members and more than 120,000 posts have been posted.But it’s also a community for realistic sex doll lovers.Here you can learn all kinds of effective ways to maintain realistic sex dolls.There are also some realistic sex doll manufacturers Posting here.


sex doll chat

sexrealdoll is a typical realistic sex dolls q&a sites, and similar to the forum. You can communicate  with others about realistic sex dolls of all kinds of problems and photos here, and can also be published photos about sex doll.This is an unfettered site where you are free to express your views, enjoy the stories of others, and share experiences with other sex doll lovers.