The history of sex dolls

A friend said he was saved by his girlfriend, who was inflatable, after she nearly drowned during the hainan disaster. This article is reminiscent of Craig’s les admire movie “dolls“, although the author at the end of the article say doll “and sex life is not a distorted behavior”, but for the philosopher rorty’s “the habit of moral is controversial,” mainstream society to accept this kind of phenomenon will experience a long process.

In the myth of Pygmalion, the sculptor (king Pygmalion) sculpted a beautiful woman and fell in love with her. The sculptor prayed day and night that his love would become real. Finally, his wish came true and he married the girl he loved. The story comes from Ovid’s eighth century poem, “the metamorphosis,” which has been adapted countless times since. Pinocchio (fairy tale), frankenstein (science fiction), my fair lady (Audrey Hepburn), and the ’90s movie “suddenly I’m in love with you” are all based on these myths.

Pygmalion has a modern heir, David the cat, who lives in southwest Michigan with three high-end sex dolls. The first sex doll he bought for himself and his wife, Sidore Kuroneko (a Japanese name), was named after Elena and Muriel, who were just his lovers. David cat didn’t make them, but he made them. Before factory production, David cats designed their images; And when they come home, David cat gives them soul and personality. “Sidore and other dolls have never been one thing to me,” he told me in a conversation last year.

Of David the cat (sex) doll circles is a well know man, his blog active, have also reported in the article, many special documentary film and TV propaganda film, but he also just iDollators circle segments of a microcosm. IDollators circle, high-end collectors hand, simulation of the doll has a different meaning – sex, love, art, company.

If Pygmalion lived in the present, those would be too alien to him. Dr Macord Smith, head of PhD research at the royal college of art’s school of humanities, wrote in his book “the erotic doll” that Ovid’s story contains a number of hints that the sculptor not only had a spiritual love but also a sexual relationship with the statue before it became real. Other such tales of “sculptural love” can be found in classical times. The Greek orator atenaeus, for example, wrote a love story about a man’s sensual attachment to a Cupid statue. More recently, in 1877, a gardener reportedly tried to make love to a replica of the “Venus with broken arms.”

Throughout history, men who have been unable to “get their hands on” beautiful statues have resorted to a variety of means to satisfy their inner desires, which have shown a tendency to have sex with imitated female objects. Sailors often make sex dolls out of fabric known as the dame DE voyage in French and dama DE viaje in Spanish. Today, sex dolls are sometimes called “Dutch ladies” in Japan. The hand-sewn leather masturbation dolls were invented and brought to Japan by Dutch sailors in the 17th century, according to the literature.

The sailor’s sex doll was an alternative to their need for a woman, who could be anyone, and there were men who made dolls to replace certain women. In 1916, Oscar kirksika, an austro-hungarian artist, was abandoned by his lover, the pianist and composer Alma mahler, saying he no longer had the courage and confidence to face love (a common phrase among doll collectors throughout history). But kirksika still loved muller so much that he gave detailed instructions to the tailor to make a doll of mahler’s size. Kirksika not only has detailed instructions about the doll’s appearance, but also about how it feels on the skin. Historians differ on the facts of kirksika’s receipt of the muller doll. One thing everyone agrees on is that the muller doll feels like matsutake and feels more like a plush toy than a human. Some say kirksika has been obsessed with the muller doll. Others say kirksika was disappointed to receive the muller doll. Kirksika painted several pictures of “her” and, according to some documents, ended up destroying the muller doll in her yard at a party. The doll was either burned or buried.

But it is the mannequins of surrealist artists man ray and Salvador Dali that are better known as the prologues of modern sex dolls. Dali’s “taxi in the rain” is one of 16 mannequins from different artists in the Paris art gallery’s 1938 surrealist exhibition. Man ray has said that surrealism does not simply import nude porn into the work, but, in his view, through the mannequin.

It is said that during world war ii, adolf Hitler ordered ss commanders to design sex dolls to alleviate sexual needs in order to prevent German soldiers from having sex with non-aryan women. True or not, the sex doll business was pioneered in Germany. In the 1950 s, a German company with cartoon characters, lily, sexy and frankness as prototype created the doll “lily”, a 11.5 -inch (about 30 cm) of plastic dolls, not functional sex dolls, today is the author of “the history of sex dolls” Anthony ferguson called “erotic imitation”. The lilly doll was marketed to adult men, but it became the inspiration for barbie.

Sex doll ads first appeared in adult magazines around 1968, after the postal sale of pornography was legalized in the United States. In the 1980s, you could buy them in most adult stores. At the time, however, sex dolls were still inflatable, making them more suitable as gag gifts for fraternity parties than for sex. As ferguson writes, “the technical focus is on the access area, the mouth, the vagina, the anus. Inflatable dolls can only withstand a certain amount of human weight and repeated use until the stitching breaks down.”

In the late 1990s, art festival artist matt McMullan took a huge leap forward in the utility of sex dolls by developing highly realistic silicone sex dolls for women and publishing the results on his website. Before long, he got mail from people asking about the dolls… Is it physically identical to a real person? At the time, sex dolls weren’t like that. But because of the demand, McMullan offered the dolls. After that, highly realistic sex dolls were born. When Howard stern owned a sex doll and “made love” with it on his radio show, McMullan’s company skyrocketed and now sells 200 to 300 high-end custom sex dolls a year around the world.

McMullan, which makes most of its sex dolls for women, also makes a few for men. But fewer people buy the latter, with only 10% of the demand among customers. “Even though I’m an artist, I’m still drawn to the female form, that’s my subject, that’s my Muse,” Ms. McMullen said. He stressed that in real life women need not be wary of his dolls. “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Do I want these dolls to replace real women? Of course not.”

Looking back through history — from Pygmalion and his Dali bride to Oscar kirksika and his hairy partner — the makers and users of these sex dolls are predictably heterosexual/straight. Cynthia Ann moya is pornography database Book Gallery, vice President, her PhD thesis is about the end of the 19th century – Los Angeles higher institute of human sexuality in the 1980 s about the research of the artificial vagina and sex doll “, “I used to do a content analysis of magazines and books, I found that users of these cases did not include women. But that doesn’t mean that women have never used sex toys, it’s just that in the myths people tell, it’s always men who use sex dolls.”

This raises two questions: “why aren’t more women using sex dolls?” “Why are so many men obsessed?”

Some of the answers have real value. For example, only 25 percent of women have orgasms only through vaginal intercourse, which is why sex dolls are less effective. In addition, everyone “talks” to me about their weight when it comes to sex dolls (female sex dolls weigh between 75 and 115 pounds). Some of the women were a little shy about it, and some were generous about it, but they all agreed that the weight of the doll made it difficult for them to move.

There’s a lot of speculation about how men and women masturbate differently. In his 1936 study of sexual psychology, Henry havelock hirsch wrote that men are more visual, women are more imaginative, and women rely more on touch. Smith and McMullan restate this conventional wisdom, which, taking into account individual differences, seems to explain why most sex dolls and porn magazines are made up of men’s “fun” and give a plausible reason. Most women are primarily concerned with real tactile experiences; But men like things that look real and give the mind pleasure. Modern sex dolls (with their highly simulated silicone skin and lifelike facial expressions) make men more likely to feel the urge to have sex with them again.

Some women buy female sex dolls. McMullan explains that many of these people also buy a male doll — they just dress it up as a fashion doll.

Barbara from California, is a 61 – year – old small business owners, she is one of the few women in iDollators circle. Barbara said she first heard about the dolls because of a news report that they had been used as human beings to gain access to carpool lanes. Later, she met David the cat through the learning channel’s program my other idiosyncracies, and Barbara found him to be a very warm person. Barbara said, more iDollators circle is male, but it is welcome to women.

Barbara and her husband own four sex dolls, which she tells us are for photography only. But she had no idea what their original purpose was.

Barbara, in a correspondence with me, said, “I don’t understand why feminists seem to be horrified by sex dolls. I’m a feminist myself (but I love them). They believe that sex dolls’ define ‘women – they are more beautiful than real people and women have no comparison in appearance.”

However, most feminists do not dispute this claim, fearing that they will need to be compared to sex dolls. Women complain (sex dolls are) that men see women as objects — that ignores women’s feelings and thoughts, and that men use women only as tools to fulfill their desires. Sex dolls are objects; But technically, they are a person’s private property. Usually, these objects have a feminine shape.

In her PhD thesis, moya asked: why is owning a sex doll so strange and depraved? As she puts it, “a high-quality massage stick cannot write a monologue for alienation, nor can it have a meaningful impact on the mechanization of technology in our lives.” Sex is different from hunger, but we also satisfy its appetite with different “foods” (such as sex dolls). If the owners of sex dolls don’t hurt anyone, why should we ask them? This, however, is a special form of masturbation.

Even as vibrators and other sex objects become more mainstream, sex dolls remain something of a mystery. Because in a way, sex dolls touch on issues of gender and power, while massage sticks (or even vibrators) don’t.

Smith says any kind of non-reproductive sexual activity has historically been seen as illegitimate. Today, however, they are relaxed. Emotional attachment is not a social product, so it’s hard to get enough of it in life, which is why a small number of men not only use sex dolls for sex, but also want to form romantic relationships with them. A consensual, equal and mutually beneficial relationship cannot exist between a man and a sex doll. In the end, the relationship is just a seesaw and a man’s decision.

But these lifelike sex dolls can always elicit a man’s true feelings and even keep them safe. Some men give their sex dolls personalities and preferences (David cat’s sex doll even has a twitter account) and talk to them as if they were a real partner. “It’s empathy,” Smith writes. “it’s what germans call Einfuhlung, the transfer of affection [for one thing] to another.

Another way to think about it is that falling in love with something you’ve created is self-obsession, a form of narcissism. “That explains why we talk about masturbation,” Smith said. “there’s a connection.”

Narcissistic or not, attachment can lead to isolation. Smith points out that in today’s technological age, it’s no longer uncommon for people to have romantic relationships with objects. “think about you and your iphone, you hold them, you touch them, you lie down with them. He/she is an extension of you.” However, things are different when objects are human-like and romantic relationships involve sexual physiology. Living with a sex doll has psychological and social consequences for men who form emotional and physical relationships with non-life objects. I don’t think of them as patients, but there is a danger in this process of objectifying emotions, which limits the development of one’s emotional intelligence.

Sarah valverde, a researcher and mental health expert, wrote her master’s thesis on the demographics and psychological characteristics of sex doll owners from a psychological perspective. Sarah said that during her research, many respondents expressed shame or embarrassment about owning a sex doll. But contrary to the stereotype, this group is just as satisfied with life as the general population, with no high rates of depression or other mental illness. Living with a sex doll is not normal sex for a normal person. It’s just that Sarah says, “we can’t define a person as having [mental] disorder unless their life is only around a sex doll and it’s affecting them to do other things.”

People who buy sex dolls have legitimate reasons, some of which are even sympathetic. Some are simply amused; Some suffer from social phobia and even have disabilities that make it difficult to form relationships. Some people only use them for photos. Surprisingly, the sex doll phenomenon is hard to define.

At the end of this wide-ranging conversation, when I was hoping Smith would sum up (in a few words) what we had discussed, Smith said, “you want to make a quote? All right, I’ll try. It goes hand in hand with narcissism, with fantasy; Is a kind of creative flight, is a people and things thinking. It challenges intimacy [patterns], which is the key to it [in dispute].”

There is no escape, and the question of sex goes back to the relationship. It may be hard to fathom what a person is buying a sex doll for, but the phenomenon is a kind of funhouse mirror – one that helps illuminate the distorted side of relationships and highlights facts we don’t want to face. No matter what they do with these female-like objects, they end up representing a range of social attitudes. Most men fall in love with women, while a few fall in love with dolls.

Last year, when David and I cat speak of these ideas when he was very angry, “as far as I know, in iDollators circle and technosexuals circles, 98% of people will doll as a goddess. There are plenty of men who are single because they hate women, but there are plenty who are single because they don’t measure up to a woman’s standards. “A sex doll doesn’t have those annoying human qualities. She will never lie to you, betray you, criticize you, or do anything else you don’t like.”

Partners of sex dolls often feel regret: the female mind is unpredictable, the doll’s heart will not change; Women may betray you, but dolls are loyal. Women love your other, but the doll just want you this person. Women are human, but dolls are not.

In 1995, the inventor of the Fleshlight, a hugely popular male masturbation product, filed a patent application for “female models for sexual use.” (the patent states that a box containing “oily elastomer” is built into a woman’s “pussy.”) in Smith’s book, the inventor is quoted as saying, “these things were invented because women were heartless, materialistic and superficial, humiliating men and crushing their hearts. Sex dolls, on the other hand, are worthy of the heart, submissive, friendly and lovable.”

Valverde’s research, much of it anecdotal evidence, suggests that for men who can’t find or won’t talk about a real-life relationship, sex dolls provide emotional comfort and physical outlet. But throughout history, there is no doubt that women and gays have experienced feelings of exclusion and loneliness — emotions that are not unique to straight men.

Valverde has her own explanation for men’s attraction to sex dolls, citing “female ruthlessness.” “Margaret atwood once said, ‘men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them. ‘I think that’s right.”

Living with a sex doll is not a twisted act. As women become more powerful, sex dolls provide an opportunity for men to return to relationships where they are in control. Sex dolls bring comfort, fidelity and banish loneliness. A sex doll will never change a man, much less do anything to make him feel ridiculous.