The future of humans: are sex robots beauty or beasts

Human development to today, the sky and the earth have long been no longer under the table. At the same time, with the development of digital age and artificial intelligence, people have turned their attention to the most private needs of human beings.

Fake sex dolls can look real

Sexbots (or sex robots) that are lifelike and move have become an essential part of some people’s lives.

Online dating, sex dolls, virtual reality, orgasm meditation, three people? Anything you can think of is possible.

One can’t help but ask, what kind of prospect will sex and love be in the future? Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

And what impact will all this have on the most intimate and loving couple/marriage relationship among human beings?

Emily Witt, a New York journalist, explores the issue in her book “Sex Future”.

Emily Witt, author of sex in the future

In his book, waite says the Internet has helped people find sexual partners and stop feeling lonely. Is that so?

In an interview with vitt, the BBC Russian service said it was widely believed that modern technology had made people sit in front of computers for long periods of time instead of talking to each other.

Similarly, the BBC’s dong-fei fu in Tokyo has also reported that many young people in Japan are addicted to online pornography and are no longer willing to make the effort to communicate with others, much less invest time and energy in making friends, resulting in a large number of “virgins”.

He said 40 percent of young Japanese are virgins and 64 percent are not in relationships, making them the sexless generation.

Sex dolls are also an essential life partner for some middle-aged Japanese men. Senji Nakajima, 62, takes a silicone doll on a picnic during the cherry blossom season in April in yamanashi, Japan. He thought he had found true love and treated the dolls as if they were real people.

What does victor think of this?

She says she is personally optimistic about modern technology. She says services offered online can help people overcome loneliness.

She says nearly half of the adult U.S. population is unmarried and more are living alone. And that’s why we need to make sure that modern technology can help us do that, to bring people together.

Experts questioned

With the rise and use of sex dolls on the rise, CNBC has been paying attention recently.

The idea that sex dolls might have medical benefits is being challenged, the report said.

Supporters say, for example, that sex dolls provide a safe and therapeutic tool for men who have difficulty finding a sexual partner. Some people also think it can reduce problems such as sex crimes.

These benefits, they say, include helping to treat erectile dysfunction in men, reducing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and preventing violent sex.

But some doctors believe that sex dolls offer few health benefits to humans.

The beauty robot harmony is such a sex doll

Susan Bewley, professor of women’s health at st George’s university hospital NHS trust and king’s college London, analysed the health effects of sex dolls in the British medical journal.

‘there is little empirical evidence that the $30 billion doll industry offers any meaningful health benefits, particularly in reducing sexual violence,’ the article said.

The article concludes that the use of sex dolls can even mislead some people, leading them to become insensitive to real people and the consequences of personification in sexual matters.

“While many sex doll users can distinguish between reality and fantasy, some cannot,” Billy reports. This will increase the risk of sexual assault and rape, both for children and adults.

At the same time, some manufacturers have started producing fake children’s sex dolls specifically for pedophiles.

In April, amazon had to pull its products from the shelves because of concerns that the sale of child sex dolls could lead to child abuse.

The premium sex dolls range in price from $5,000 to $15,000. They are aimed mainly at men, but it is believed that sex dolls made for women will go on sale next year.

Scholars dispute

Professor Kathleen Richardson, an expert in robot ethics at leicester montfort university in the UK, also expressed concern about the rise of sex robots.

“We live in a world where sexual relationships are objectified through prostitution,” she said. People are used as tools, and sex dolls are just one more step.”

A few years ago, professor Richardson launched a campaign to ban sex robots, but later concluded that “sex dolls are not the real problem”. The problem lies in people’s attitudes to sex and relationships.

“It would be a mistake to think that adding artificial intelligence to a sex doll would add humanity,” she said. There are more artificial intelligences in my washing machine than sex dolls. A face and a body don’t make a baby.”

Modern technology makes it difficult to tell the real robot from the fake.

Kate Devlin, a senior lecturer at goldsmith university in the United Kingdom, takes a different view.

“At the moment, it’s true that sex robots are aimed at men, but the sex toy industry is still growing,” she said. “there are a lot of startups that are developing sex toys for women.”

Ultimately, she believes, robots designed for intimate relationships will enhance, not destroy, human relationships.

“Whenever there is a major technological change, there is always panic. People worry about how new technology will affect people. But in general, technology brings people closer and closer together.”

But werther, author of sex in the future, says people don’t need sex robots at all.

‘we all need a real man (or woman),’ she says.

At the same time, she doesn’t buy the idea that humans will no longer need sex to produce children in the future because they will be able to satisfy their sexual needs through all kinds of modern technology.

‘if that’s the future, it’s tragic,’ she said. She believes that sex is what drives everything. A lot of times people try to suppress sex or don’t understand sex at all.

She says people should celebrate the singing. As an alternative, however, there is nothing wrong.

The staff is elaborating the beauty robot

When it comes to the future of sex, vitter says it would be good for everyone if the old system of men chasing women could be broken. Because it’s a system where if you’re a beautiful woman everything’s fine, but if you’re shy and you don’t know what you need, it’s not fun.

Develop a sexual interest

Vette’s advice is that people need to try, to explore sex. ‘as demographics change, people are less likely to marry,’ she said.

However, people now have more opportunities to find a suitable sexual partner. Especially if you are open-minded and open to new things, you can learn a lot, because sex can be cultivated. Especially for women.

‘sex is a skill that can be learned,’ she says. ‘modern technology makes it easy for you. You don’t have to go to a dating site and date hundreds of people.’ You can learn by watching sex videos or reading books, and then practice.

In other words, whether you can find the perfect partner, get married or not, why not explore sex, learn about yourself, and let modern technology give you wings?