The fishermen mistaken the inflatable dolls for the angels to dress up every day.

he British Metro reported that a fisherman from the Bungai Islands had found a beautiful sex doll on the shore on the 19th. Since the incident happened just after the appearance of the “eclipse”, Patin was convinced that he had reached the “angel”. After he rescued it from the water and took it home immediately, Patin’s mother treated the “angel” as a real person, and “dedicated” it to the chair every day, changing the headscarf and clothing from time to time.

     In response to the “God of Heaven”, the local media reported that the fisherman had found that he had been stranded on the beach after hearing it descended from the sky. He was only wearing a white cloth and sobbing on the sand.

     The incident was reported to the police through media reports. The police chief said: “After our team’s investigation, it was just an inflatable doll.” Then the sex doll was taken away to avoid regeneration disputes.