Talk about the use of physical dolls [Real Experience]

  • Hand feeling of the doll

If you’re buying a cheap doll you won’t have the graininess of an artificial skin, but you can add graininess and a silky feel by flapping powder or talc all over her body.

  • The softness and hardness of the flesh

Do not blindly on the Internet disorderly order, buy, you had better look for professional customer service to help you choose.

Especially the dolls of Jin SAN and Jun Ying and Xin Zhong Yi, some of them are hard like stones, and some are so soft that they have no texture.

You can ask the customer service staff to help you choose a soft and hard doll that fits your description. The main reason for buying these brands is that they are cheap.

  • Don’t trust the graphics on the official website

Most of them are makeup products, if you don’t have the ability to make up, it’s best to ask them to show you the real video first. Otherwise, you will easily receive a doll of the same size that is different from your picture. Then you will be a tragedy, you have to take out the head mold to find someone to make up, not afraid of a shame, ha ha, you can also contact customer service they give you money to paint makeup, later when you use, take off your head. Stick your head back in and pose.

  • The middle seam of the doll

I tell you here, the doll in the seam must not repair themselves, or you will basically destroy the doll, because you have no experience, silicone bounce, and then do not pay attention to ha ha.

  • Pay attention to the stools the doll sits on

Such as bed edge, wooden bench, etc., you should give her a cushion cushion if there is a corner, otherwise you will cry, because it will be cut, do not think that is not a knife, as long as the corner pressure furniture is 90 degrees, the basic damaged skin can not escape.

Even if you put the bed, if you are a mahjong table, congratulations to the doll is pressed by you, 100% of the silicone contact mahjong mat surface, dozens of small damage,

With dolls, must be careful, especially the bed can only be padded with quilts, do not have bamboo mat, mahjong mat, straw mat, etc。

  • Nipples and labia fade

Fade on the right, do not fade you dare to use? Are you still going to put all that spray paint and lipstick in your mouth?

If the color does not fade, you dare not lick. I’m sure it wasn’t intentional. When you get the doll, wipe the nipples and lipstick off your labia with a wet handkerchief or tissue.

Don’t put it in your mouth. After all, most people don’t make up their dolls. If they do, you won’t feel comfortable. So don’t touch the lipstick on your lips.

So, are you clear, and I want to tell you that SEXREAL is a great way to buy a doll!