Some notes on TPE dolls

1. Doll material is made of a new type of polymer material TPE, also known as Cyberskin (virtual skin). This material is non-toxic and tasteless, its hardness is below Shore A0, and its tensile strength is more than 6 times. It is smooth, delicate, soft and elastic like real skin. The materials meet the relevant safety standards stipulated by the state and have no toxic effects on the human body and the environment.

2. The sex doll has various metal joints inside the body, which can make various postures within a certain range. During the production, the internal skeletal joints are fixed, and there are fixed holes in the soles of the feet and calves, which are slightly modified after treatment.
3, the doll can not use sharp equipment to scratch the surface of the model, can not force kneading to avoid damage to the surface of the skin, affecting the use of time and beauty.

4, should avoid wearing easy to fade or poor coloring clothing, so as not to pollute the model, because the clothing wear and dyed doll will be difficult to wash, please be careful here.
5, can not be put together with substances containing ink, such as newspapers and magazines. Avoid placing it in dark clothing or leather fabrics containing oil-soluble pigments to avoid contaminating the doll.
6, can not put the doll in a direct sunlight environment for a long time, so as not to cause the material to age, affecting the use of time.
7. The doll pose is a straight posture when it leaves the factory. It is not possible to put the doll in a difficult and curved position for a long time, so as to prevent the deformation and damage of a certain part for a long time due to pulling.
8. If there is an indentation or a smear on the surface of the doll for a long time, use a clean and white cloth to wet with water, then use a hot air blower to blow the surface of the cloth. After a period of time, the indentation will disappear.

9. After a long time of display, the surface area of the doll has dust and dirt, which can be cleaned with ordinary detergents, such as washing powder. In case of stubborn stains, you can use the washing powder dry powder and a small amount of water to wash it directly, which is easier to remove. However, the use of fingernails should be avoided to scratch the surface of the doll. After washing, after the surface water is dry, apply the hand powder (which can be replaced by ordinary hazelnut powder) evenly on the surface layer. After washing, the surface is smooth as before, and the hand feels fine. Recommendation: Regularly clean and maintain as appropriate.
10. If there is small area damage on the surface of the doll, it can be glued with the glue. Clean the damaged surface first, then apply a layer of glue evenly on the two cut faces, then bond the two cut faces. Together, finally, apply a thin layer of glue on the surface, and wait for about half an hour to dry the glue. If you have other technical problems, you can contact the seller or the manufacturer directly. The manufacturer will generally provide processing technology as appropriate.

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How to Effectively And Quickly Discover A Scam Sex Doll Website?

If you decide to buy a sex doll, it’s great.The price of this product ranges from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, which requires a lot of money to invest. Before you buy it, be sure to pay attention to whether you are entering a sex doll scam website.

Now, online shopping is very convenient and fast online, but there are some problems.As sex dolls become more and more popular, the challenge come along. The scam website came out quietly, They are very imaginative with the real legitimate sex doll website, but it will also show signs of shoddy.Now let’s look at the following six tips to determine whether a website is a scam site.

1.Be not anxious to get in

We know how the prospect of buying sex dolls is exciting, especially when it is your first, even so, don’t rush to place the order, please know that it is very necessary to do research before you buy it. You can read some sex doll forum and blogs, and check out lots of sex doll photos before you buy.Do everything you can to make sure your sex dolls are as good as advertised.

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2.Evaluation of site

A reputable sex doll retailer has a professional website.Even if the company is new to the industry, they will spend time and money creating a website that contains product and company information.When browsing a website, please pay attention to the following details about the website.

The experience of visitors to the site are in good condition, site access speed is fast, the picture of the site is real. Is there a site map design? whether to provide the detailed product information? Do the website include instructions for returning a refund? Does it include the privacy of personal information protection policy.Does the website clearly indicate the payment method, credit card, Paypal, etc?

3.The product description

Professional product descriptions should include material, height, weight, cups and details of a sex doll.Real sex dolls should be clearly and accurately described.


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Keep in mind that the purpose of the site is to provide concise form of information, and you can always ask the seller for any questions you have about adult sex doll.Reputable dealers will respond promptly and wisely, respond to your questions and share more information about the product.In fact, the speed and tone of the seller’s response determines whether you buy the an adult sex doll from them or not.Legitimate sellers will be happy to answer your questions because they want you to buy it from them.

4.Terms of payment

Finally, you meet an ideal adult sex doll and you can’t wait to be with her.The final step is definitely the most critical step, it is the most important point for every fraudster. To the payment step, so how do you make sure your money is safe? Well, check the terms of payment accepted by the seller and choose the safest option.It is best to stick with payment providers such as credit card and PayPal, because they provide a way to charge disputed fees when necessary.

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5.Do they have a visible address?

Many scam sites without a clear address or contact number, before your order, you must find website have address or telephone number, so that we can easily find out whether or not they are legitimate.

6.Avoid Alixpress and alibaba

According to many reports, many fraudsters operate on these sites – both of which are part of AliBaba group.That’s not to say they’re all, but many buyers have a terrible experience on these sites.

Hopefully the above tips will help you avoid scams.