What you need to know about sex doll quality issues

  • Obtained a different doll from the one ordered.
  • You get a damaged doll
  • The quality of the doll you get is too cheap, because the joints are too tight or the doll is too heavy to use it.

Usually this happens easily after buying a cheap sex doll. If the price of the doll you bought is cheap, then you will end up with a very cheap copy, which is completely different from the beautiful pictures on the website of. You will most likely receive a defective real doll, and if it is too good to hold, then it won’t hold.

False review sites Don’t believe it, review sites that recommend you to buy cheap sex dolls are simple and straightforward, just fake review sites. They have never bought a sex doll in their lifetime. How do they view unpurchased items? No matter what they claim, they don’t know at all.

So how much is the price to avoid falling into the scam of cheap sex dolls? If you want to invest in sex dolls, please be prepared to pay at least 1700 USD, depending on your dear size of choice. Smaller sex dolls start at about $ 899.

Quickly identify the quality of sex dolls

How to distinguish the pros and cons of realistic sex dolls? When we talk about this, we must first distinguish the dolls that we want to buy.

Research knows the strengths and weaknesses of each, and relates the quality of the materials used to the price of the doll and makes a decision. Buying sex dolls for the first time can be frustrating. Find out and find out what a high quality sex doll is. Do you want silicone or tpe doll? The study then knows the strengths and weaknesses of each, correlates the quality of the materials used with the price of the doll and makes a decision.

Raw material

Relatively flexible, the hardness is high, the color is white, the surface is smooth, and the high simulation . However, inferior fakes: high hardness, poor elasticity, dark color, sticky skin surface and not smooth.


There is a slight scent, and some products also have a smellless smell, but there will be an unpleasant smell of glue, or even a stinky smell.


Good quality products will not have big problems in the process of repeated use, so be sure to find a manufacturer with perfect after-sales service to purchase. Otherwise, it is a big problem to complain about the quality problems of dolls that are purchased at a large price.


Generally, the raw materials for making silicone dolls must be non-toxic and have no health problems for the body.