Spend hundreds of thousands of silicone doll, he and her that silent and expensive loneliness

He gave himself the name “from the dust” and stayed away from the world. After moving from the county seat to the village, he said bluntly that he was “not used to the relationship in the city”. “Every day when I come home, I am alone in a dark room. I stay there for a long time. No one can talk to me.” Know loneliness, but can not change loneliness.

“She could extend her life indefinitely. What’s wrong? Get a new body. As long as the head is the same, she’ll be the same.” “Next, I’ll take her around China.”

Before the silicone dolls, they were a group of lonely people, but also a group of people who were afraid of being alone.

Over the past few years, yu zhenguo, 60 years old, spent more than 100,000 yuan to buy nine silicone dolls, dressing them up, cooking with them, talking to them, but never “over the mine”.

Taobao, 35 years younger than yu, also lived with a silicone doll for many years. To her, the doll is like an updated version of a childhood doll. She doesn’t care about the worldly vision, but only satisfies her inner desires.

Some people say that such a life is the ultimate loneliness, but at least yu zhenguo does not think so. He said it wasn’t hard to find a girlfriend, but he liked being with the dolls.

However, outsiders still difficult to understand them – those expressionless doll, after all silent, and no interest.

A man of sixty and nine dolls

Yu zhenguo is 60 years old. Many people at this age already have grandchildren. He lives alone in the mountains of guiyang with nine silicone dolls.

He named himself “out of the world”, “out of the world, escape from worldly matters”; He deliberately moved from the county to the village, bluntly, “not used to the relationship in the city.”

Huishui, guizhou, 80 kilometers from the provincial capital guiyang, mountain city. This is yu zhenguo’s hometown. Yu zhenguo has a three-story, 500-square-meter house in huishui, with the clear river at his feet.

Years ago, Mr. Yu divorced his wife and began living a freer life. However, accustomed to the flowers, yu zhenguo hopes to live a little beyond. When he broke up with his last girlfriend at the age of 55, he didn’t have much of a heart for emotion.

Now he is an adult and works in guangdong. The big house was empty except for the occasional weekend visit from my grandniece.

They first met the silicone doll in Beijing before breaking up with his girlfriend.

Yu zhenguo felt that the doll was pretty and lovely. He bought his first doll back in May 2014, despite the high cost of Japanese production.

Mr. Yu now has nine silicone dolls, five of which he bought himself and four entrusted to him by his baby friends for marriage.

These dolls in yu zhenguo’s home, wearing different styles of clothes, standing, sitting, posture. Yu zhenguo gave each doll a name. Among them, snow is one of his favorite dolls.

As the first doll he has, snow enjoy special treatment at home, other dolls usually sleep in the boudoir, only snow can occupy the living room sofa, and yu zhenguo watch TV together.

Yu has a 14-year-old grandniece named xiao yi. Influenced by yu, she has a silicone doll of her own. They slept together at night, covered in a quilt and dressed in different clothes.

She learned to dress and make up dolls, and even planned her future career: setting up shop on taobao, designing clothes for dolls with perfect body shapes.

Mr. Yu likes to figure out that in addition to modifying the bones and joints of the dolls so that they can support their bodies and move flexibly, he also designs clothes for the dolls.

In the home of yu zhenguo, the boudoir that sets to the doll specially, hang nearly 200 suits of clothes.

Mr. Yu loves photography and has taken countless photos of the dolls and posted them online.

Take exterior scene, it is a very tiresome thing actually: height 1.32 meters of light snow, weight nearly 60 jin, move rise to be like “hug drunk girl”.

But Mr. Yu enjoys the process. For him, it is his own life.

The combination of nine silicone dolls and a 60-year-old man is always fascinating.

More than one person has called him a “pervert,” and he was dubbed a “ghost father” by netizens after his doll was reported by the media. Yu zhenguo’s ex-wife saw the report and called her son: “your father is so abnormal, don’t be like him.”

But yu zhenguo disagreed, he said he never wanted to have sex with the doll.

“They are all photo models.”

He even compared them to his daughter.

“The vast majority of baby friends, love dolls because of injury.” Yu zhenguo said. Despite being 60, Mr. Yu says he is not desperate for love, just patient.

After divorcing with ex-wife, yu zhenguo also also sought a few girl friend in succession, have no lack of young and beautiful, but end without a cause.

The company the doll gave him was real to him.

When he drives long distances, he likes to put light snow on the passenger car.

Snow will always be waiting for him at home, even if the relative silent is also happy: “the baby is not born to lie, more will not betray me.”

A more perfect “person”

At the factory in zhongshan, guangzhou, one to two hundred dolls circulate online each month, sent across the country through taobao.

Almost all the physical stores selling silicone dolls are pornographic in nature. After the rise of Internet e-commerce, online transactions can often avoid the embarrassment of different eyes. In the domestic market, the transaction volume of silicone dolls on taobao is much higher than that offline.

In addition to the meaning of sex products, silicone dolls have a large share of the market in the spiritual level of demand.

Accompanying loneliness, let this industry in the modern society to extend. China is already the world’s largest producer of silicone dolls.

Behind the silicone doll, is a deep social disease phenomenon – the loneliness of urban population.

From the early inflatable dolls, with the evolution of technology to silica gel, even the market has appeared with the body temperature and sound of the simulation doll, in the great emotional needs and market stimulation driven, in the near future may also appear highly artificial AI partner robot.

So far, China produces 80 percent of the world’s adult toys.

Behind this massive data may be a profile of humanity’s ultimate loneliness.

There are no two identical dolls in the world, even if it is the same makeup artist, but also because of the sudden good mood to doll embellishment some different colors.

It’s true that these dolls will be endowed with personality, personality and various personalized and differentiated features as technology evolves, but they will still have one thing in common — perfection.

A more perfect face, body, and even “personality” is the vision of man creating “man”.

In fact, fans of silicone dolls have formed their own huge circle. Secondary dimensions, social dysfunction and even the death of a loved one can be motivations for choosing a doll, with loneliness being the most frequently cited.

Emotional comfort is often more important than anything else.

It’s her body

In 2015, tao bao, a 25-year-old voice actor and game commentator, ordered a doll online and named it sweet cat.

Unlike yu zhenguo, she does not need so many dolls, one is enough. Her motivation was simple, too, because she had dreamed of it when she was very young: opening the house and seeing a doll her size sitting at the kitchen table, waiting for her to watch TV together.

This dream momo had for years. It wasn’t until she saw the silicone dolls online that she thought they matched her childhood dreams.

“Every day when I come home, I am alone in the house. After staying for a long time, I have no one to talk to.” Know loneliness, but can not change loneliness.

With the doll, she no longer felt that way.

yu zhenguo took 9 dolls as daughters, peach treasure also put the doll as a daughter.

With “daughter,” the feeling of “home” will be strong.

When she opened the door, her daughter sat in the living room, and it was natural to say hello, hug and kiss her. When the ceremony was over, she felt “at home.”

She was immersed in her identity as a mother.

Taobo has a stroller for taking dolls out. Travel, travel, eat out, swim, soak in hot springs, go to exhibitions, and even walk cats and dogs together.

She bought mother-daughter dresses, one set of dolls, one set for herself; Or change clothes for both of you.

The day the doll arrived home, taobao opened a weibo account for it. Since then, taobao has been documenting her life with the doll on weibo. “I wish she had a soul, a real being; I want to put her personality and people all interactive, in order to have a living image.”

Taobo took the doll on the train twice. Walk through security gates, not conveyor belts; The staff scanned the doll carefully and made way for it.

“Maybe it’s the way I feel about her. I don’t think she’s an object.” His doll was accepted by strangers, and momo felt understood.

Do voice actor, game commentary, often in the face of public pressure, work, life inevitably produced negative emotions, she can only completely pour out to the baby.

Despite not getting a response, “I feel better.”

From 2015 to 2018, the doll had two body changes.

“One of the things she was there for was to extend her life indefinitely. When something goes wrong with her, get a new body. As long as the head is the same, she’s the same.”

Silicone doll to yu zhenguo and peach treasure brought a different life, but they also know, some things, is the doll anyway can not give.

It’s like the annual birthday cake, which yu always ends up eating with his son. Birthday dolls are always expressionless.

Loneliness comes easy, but it’s hard to go — you think you’re dealing with loneliness, but you may be getting deeper and deeper into it.