SEX REAL DOLL physical doll maintenance methods

1、Cleaning: When cleaning the doll, wash it with body wash and put on talcum powder after washing.

2、Stain: For light stains or a small amount of stains, apply olive oil with cotton swabs and dry with talcum powder. You can’t get rid of color with a lot of dyeing.

3、Wigs done: wigs tied, can be soaked with hair conditioner for half an hour or so, dry can be soft.

4、Dress problem: It is recommended to wear light colors, white and pink to avoid dyeing.

5、Vaginal cleaning: Rinse with a cleaner and dry with a hair dryer after cleaning. Female cleaners can be used to sterilize the doll’s underbody to keep it clean.

6、Makeup: Please try not to wash your eyebrows.

7、Use: Please use within the acceptable range of doll movements.

8、Storage: Don’t let the doll curl up and keep it flat.

9、Protection: Do not touch sharp objects. Do not drop them heavily.