Sex Doll Skin Scratch – How to Heal the Minor Cuts And Scrapes?

Besides the pretty lifelike outlooking, TPE sex dolls are well known by the life-like feeling to touch. The doll’s skin is so soft but sensitive weak as the real people. You would be told seriously to keep the TPE sex doll away from the sharp thing when you take the sweet doll home.

While sex doll skin injury from a sharp knife or your hard nails are very sad. Fortunately, most minor cuts can be safely self-fixed after following the below a few simple steps.

To treat a minor cut at home, we recommend the following tips:

Firstly, keep your hand dry and clean, wear a pair of rubber gloves if necessary.

Secondly, make the doll body in the condition of pressureless. You can get it to lay down flatly.

Thirdly, remove dirt or damp with a dry dust-free cloth.

Fourthly, firmly cemented with TPE adhesive. Using a toothpick and completing a little adhesive into the cuts. Then pinch the cut quickly. Maintain pressure for one to two minutes until the cut gets well together. ( It is not allowed to pour the adhesive into the cuts directly, the chemical adhesive would be scald to the doll skin and cause further hurts.)

Lastly, keep the doll cuts away from the water in 24 hours.

The maintain tips are helpful for minor cuts. If the cut is deep or over a joint, it is not applicable.