Sex doll selection guide

At present, there are two kinds of sex dolls on the market, the silicone sex dolls and the TPE sex dolls. These two kinds of sex dolls are non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the three combinations and how to choose according to your own needs:

All-silicone sex dolls: All-silicone sex dolls have real face and body parts, which are closer to real people, and are resistant to high temperature, strong acid and alkali. Due to the relatively high price of raw materials, they need to be vulcanized during processing, so the price is relatively high. High, but because the doll made of silicone is relatively hard, it is not suitable for use as an adult product, it is only suitable as a figure to accompany and take pictures.

Full TPE sex dolls: full TPE sex dolls are not as realistic as silicone sex dolls in face and body details. They will have a big Barbie doll feel and are not resistant to high temperature, strong acid and alkali. Due to the relatively low price of raw materials, processing only needs to be heated Melting treatment, so the price is lower than that of full silicone sex dolls. Full TPE solid dolls feel soft and smooth. It is currently the best material for male adult products. Full TPE solid dolls have soft heads, so there will be channels on the mouth. .

A solid sex doll with a silicone head and a TPE body. This matching physical doll has both the real performance of the silicone head and the soft body of the TPE material. It is the best match at present. The disadvantage is that because the silicone is relatively hard, there is no channel on the mouth. The price is between the above two dolls.

Summary: How to choose a sex doll that suits you?

If you just want to use it as a figure, and the budget is sufficient, then it is recommended to choose a full-silicone sex doll. If the budget is not enough, it is recommended to choose a sex doll with a silicone head and TPE body.

If you just want to use it as an adult sex toy and the budget is sufficient, then it is recommended to choose a physical doll with a silicone head and a TPE body. If there are not too many requirements, then a sex doll with a full TPE is enough.

Before purchasing, we need to know:

  1. Absolutely do not have any impulse!
    No matter how beautiful the sex doll is, no matter how art it is, it will be forced to succumb to the current environment. Although the sex doll culture has become small in recent years, with the gradual spread of some videos, pictures and other materials, people who know about physical sex dolls are also It is becoming more and more widespread, but it is still a relatively obscure item after all. The storage problem must be considered first. If you live with your family, you must consider how to communicate or how to hide it.
  2. Be sure to know enough about the sex doll you are about to buy!
    The main options are listed below:
    Skin color of sex doll: black/wheat/skin/white.
    Head: Doll’s wig style; eye color; some manufacturers will provide makeup options, as well as some special head structure options. Like the tongue. Different wigs will have greatly changed visual effects.
    Body: Skeleton selection, most manufacturers will provide skeleton selection, you must know that there are many kinds of doll skeletons! Breast filling, TPE as an example, can be divided into solid and hollow. Of course, the hollow one will feel better, but if you generally have a small breast shape, solid ones are recommended. It depends on your choice.
    Standing option: The soles of the ordinary version of the doll are similar to the human body. But it can’t stand, it will cause less damage after a long time.
    The standing version should be explained specifically. First of all, the standing version, taking TPE as an example, there will be three load-bearing nails on the soles of the feet, the exposed ones.
    For silicone dolls, some manufacturers will have a hard silicone sole structure, which does not affect the appearance.
    However, it is still necessary to manually adjust the doll’s body and place the center of gravity, so that she can basically stand up. In most cases, she still needs to rely on walls, etc., to have better support points.
    There is also a special option, knuckles, which contain fingers and toes. (There are only a few factories with two phalanges), most of them have phalanges, and some factories will provide the option of implanting foot bones. But note that most of the joints of the hands and feet here are made of iron wire. Instead of real simulated bones.
  3. Never believe any smart gimmicks!
    Based on the current doll manufacturing technology, there is still a long way to go in terms of intelligence. There is still more room for research and development of the material itself, not  to mention the combined application with technological products. Intelligence is only generally used as a propaganda point of the current sex doll factory.
     Heating: The common saying is called intelligent heating. The working principle is that the heating wire is wound on the doll’s skeleton, and the heating wire is heated by plugging in the       electricity to realize the heating of the sex doll.
    Pronunciation: common intelligent pronunciation, pressure sensitive pronunciation. Most of the products are third-party kits with built-in simple mp3 content. By implanting a sensor chip,   the built-in audio can be played by sensing the starting force.
    The next step is smart dialogue. Except for a very small number of factories that really have the ability to develop smart dialogue functions, most products can generally be understood as small Bluetooth speakers. The realization of the function is based on the dialogue between you and the voice assistant on your mobile phone.
    Pronunciation, heating, are currently only based on the realization of functions.