Sex doll care – Easy 7 rules to follow

Do you want use your doll which have more time to compaion you!if you want ,you must to read this article,we will tell you 7 rules to make you doll life long!

1. Do not put unwashed clothes on her. If you do, you will find tint stain coming from the clothes appearing everywhere on her skin. And these stains are nearly impossible to clean. Just wash 1 or even 2 times every piece of clothes that you buy for her before she wears it. Avoid dark clothing. Do not use any leather material either. 

2. Only use water based lubricant. Otherwise, you will rapidly damage her skin.

3. Wash her after use. Make very sure that every single orifice is completely dry. Otherwise you may get infection from bacteria that have developed in wet spaces.  If you feel that she smell bad a few days after washing her, it means that you did not dry her orifices correctly.

4. Use antimicrobial baby soap to wash her. If she doesn’t have knobs under her feet to be able to stand, then take a bath with her.  Be careful not to immerse her under water otherwise her metal skeleton will rust and you doll will be completely unusable. If she does have standing abilities. then shower with her instead of taking a bath.

5. After cleaning her, you will notice that her skin has become very sticky. It is now time to apply baby powder on her. Make sure that you gently rub her everywhere with baby powder. Her skin will become very smooth again.

6. Wash her wig like you would wash normal hair. Shake the wig vigorously and then use a towel to dry the fibers as much as possible. I personally prefer to let the hair dry during the night but you can also use an hair dryer.

7. Do not put too much pressure on fragile skeleton parts like wrists and knees. If you want to do the doggy style, its not an issue but just make sure to do that on a soft surface like a bed. Maybe even put extra pillows under her knees.

That’s about it for our sexreal doll care guide! Follow these simple rules and you will keep your new baby for many years!