Safety precautions for women using masturbation products

In real life, there will always be some women who cannot enjoy a happy sex life for various reasons. Masturbation products can improve the quality of people’s sexual life, and also allow women to enjoy the same sexual satisfaction as normal married life, and can effectively reduce the occurrence of unethical behaviors such as finding sexual partners or one-night stands, which is very good for women’s physical and mental health. .

However, it should be reminded that women should pay special attention to the following points when using masturbation products:
One is to choose. Today’s masturbation products market is still relatively chaotic, all kinds of masturbation products are mixed, and products produced by regular manufacturers should be selected.
The second is hygiene. Before use, it can be scrubbed and disinfected with 75% medical alcohol, and applied with a small amount of lubricating oil.
The third is safety. When using it, carefully read the instructions and master the vibration speed and amplitude to avoid damage to the vagina. It is best to use it with condoms, and it is forbidden to use it for patients with gynecological inflammation.