Physical dolls are not inflatable dolls

Adult products is mentioned a lot of people think of inflatable dolls, or clearly see entity dolls, also serious shout: “wow inflatable doll,” the seller was even have friends and she was a little white lie, some unscrupulous businessmen take online dolls as entity doll sold to her friend, in fact, inflatable dolls and entity is totally two different products. The main purpose of this article is to let the novice doll friends who are about to enter the pit can distinguish between the bad inflatable dolls and the real dolls, so as not to be cheated.

Inflatable doll is actually inflatable balloon, is a kind of low-level adult products, some unprincipled seller will also call their doll is a semi-entity, is actually part of the inflatable, part of the entity, after getting found, most are inflatable, only a small part of the limbs are solid, but also ugly. The really nice dolls are solid dolls, full solid, with metal bones built in. This kind of doll workmanship fine, good quality, of course, the price is relatively high.

physical sex doll

On the network many cheater businessmen with the value of tens of thousands of dollars of high simulation entity doll photos to pretend to be, also claimed to be Japan’s original import, high simulation inflatable doll, to deceive consumers, its behavior is very shameful, it makes people angry. Baby friends to polish their eyes, beware of being deceived!

Here is a popular science for everyone, how to distinguish the real fake entity doll.

1, need to inflate: inflatable doll can only be used after full of air, need to be equipped with a pump, you can also use the mouth to blow.

2.weight: because the entity doll is a solid product, the normal body weight is between 30 kg and 40 kg, relatively heavy, inflatable doll is different, only need 5 kg or so.

3.Material: the skin of the inflatable doll is made of PVC material, so it will be relatively thin. However, the thickness of each inflatable doll is different, and the price is also different.

physical sex doll

4. volume: the volume of the inflatable doll is not big, the physical doll can not be compressed storage, if you buy a doll online, received a small package, it must not sign for.

5.Vital organs: only the lower body organs of inflatable dolls are made of soft silicone material, including single channel, double channel, large single channel and large double channel.

The doll produced by sexrealdoll is guaranteed to be authentic. We guarantee that the doll you receive is exactly the same as the one on the picture. What are you still hesitations about?