Physical doll fraud prevention and purchase guide!

Now shopping on the Internet, not only can not leave the massive taobao, but also can enjoy a variety of e-commerce platform discount and express home, door-to-door delivery services, which is the reason why many young people are infatuated with online shopping, but also for the rapid development of major e-commerce platforms and various group buying websites in recent years to provide inexhaustible power.

What’s more, the Internet world is so big and strange that consumers can buy a lot of things that are inconvenient to buy in reality through online shopping, such as the physical dolls that make men blush and blood boil! According to a social survey conducted by the media, in recent years, the total annual sales of physical dolls in China are growing rapidly, and 90% of them reach consumers through online shopping.


Physical doll status

Now, if you search an engine and type in the word “physical doll”, you will immediately find a large number of physical doll shops and related information. Among them, a small number of businesses flaunt themselves as overseas so-and-so brand official website, so-and-so brand entity doll exclusive agency. Their pictures of physical dolls are sexy, with information on how to use them and how to buy them. However, the reality is that many consumers who buy physical dolls online find that the real dolls they buy are not real dolls, but fake and inferior goods produced by various small workshops. The product is not as sexy as the photos on the website.

No. 1Friends case

According to some friends’ feedback, a friend who wanted to buy a physical doll online but was deceived told about his ridiculous experience of buying a physical doll online. Li bing (pseudonym) is a typical post-90s otaku who works in an IT company as a programming ape. Apart from his work, li spends most of the rest of his days in front of a computer in his rented room and has no girlfriend. One day, li bing was “receiving” an action movie education on a website when he was suddenly attracted by a pop-up window with a physical doll. With a strong sense of curiosity, li bing clicked into the physical doll store. The real doll in the web page looks very realistic, wearing sexy clothes, very cute, and from the video presentation, li bing also clearly see the doll’s beautiful skin, elastic skin, real pronunciation is very realistic!

No.2 middle process

“At that time, I ordered one mainly out of curiosity. Although I had considered the possibility of a fake, I did not expect such a fake.” Li bing helplessly joked. Four days later, when li bing opened the physical doll she received with excitement, she could hardly laugh or cry. This which is sexy and charming entity doll, clear just one has the swimming ring of human form: the face of the doll is very ugly, the chest is huge however, the arm and the leg are not designed according to the real person scale, look let a person have no interest!

No.3 market status

According to the survey, there are many friends like li bing who have been cheated, and many friends have not reported the fraudulent behavior of illegal websites to the government law enforcement agencies due to the concern of this kind of relatively private things. As an excellent enterprise in the industry, Mr. Chen of the real doll shop of yucna technology expressed his deep hatred for the bad atmosphere of selling fake real dolls in the industry.


Mr. Chen told the reporter that the actual dolls sold on the e-commerce platform are all inspected by the government and produced by professional manufacturers through the process of market research, product design and production, testing and improvement. They are mostly made of human inverted model, which is the perfect companion for people to yearn for day and night.

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