Pay attention to privacy when using sex dolls

Notes on the use of sex dolls:


1.Sex doll is made of silicone or other skin-friendly materials, but everyone should pay attention to hygiene when using sex doll. Pay attention to cleaning and disinfection after each use. Cleaning and disinfection steps should also be performed before.

2. Do not think that the use of sex dolls is unsightly or particularly embarrassing. Sex dolls are a relief tool for normal sexual needs, a substitute for a partner who is not around, and a supplement for normal physiological needs of humans.

3. Before buying sex doll, it is best to discuss it with your partner and discuss it before you buy it. Do not buy or collect without your partner’s consent or knowledge. Communicate to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.


4. In addition, pay attention to privacy when using sex dolls. Sex dolls are very private items. If the family has a large population, it will cause embarrassment to see them. Even if you live alone, you should not directly put them on the sofa or In a conspicuous location such as the living room, you must store it to avoid embarrassment.

5. Before using the TPE sex doll, you must read the instructions carefully, and maintain and store and use them strictly in accordance with the instructions on the instructions. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the doll at any time.