One in five Japanese men is single forever! rely on Silicone doll

In the past, many people believed that getting married and having children was a necessary part of life. Whether it was coming together in true love or considering procreation, at least most people lived by a default rule.

In recent years, however, both the marriage rate and the birth rate have been declining, and more and more young people are choosing to stay single, escape and refuse to marry. This is especially true in Japan, where a third of young people have no dating experience.

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And have no association experience, is not forced, but oneself also are not willing to take the initiative to contact with the opposite sex.

Boys and girls have their own reasons for choosing not to date. From the boy’s point of view, the beginning is not completely do not want to find a girlfriend, but always by the reality of the blow.

Girls often say they want a partner who has a sense of humor, so if you’re a comedian you should be popular, but in fact you’re not.

Ben guigugo and yoyo yoyo are funny artists, but their respective love road is not good. Benji’s personal experience led him to conclude that while women find funny guys interesting, they don’t get to know them because they’re interesting.

When it comes to relationships, many girls also want to feel manly or gentlemanly, not just have a sense of humor.

The word “herbivore man” is often mentioned in their funny jokes. This is also a popular phrase in Japan. The so-called herbivore man refers to those shy young boys who are unable to fall in love actively.

Meinong thinks he is a herbivore man, the reason is that he is 22 years old, up to now have no love experience. Although he could communicate with girls normally, once he was alone with them, he felt that if he wanted to do something intimate, the girls would be disgusted.

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So meinong and benji shift all their interactions with women to the maid cafe. Instead of trying to communicate with the average woman, try interacting directly with the waitresses at the maid cafe.

As a culture in Japan, maid cafes can be seen almost everywhere. The waiter in the maid cafe will take the initiative to interact with the male guests and act like a spoiled show MOE, never showing any disgust and boredom, making the boys feel that they are also loved and welcomed.

Benji thinks it’s better to go to the maid cafe than to go out with a regular girl and not worry about being rejected.

In addition to maid cafes, many Japanese boys also have a pink lady who loves beans. Benji is very fond of namisaka 46 nishino seven programmes, home with her posters and a lot of her photos.

In benji’s eyes, nishino seven programmes is the perfect girlfriend. And, because in a meeting, the west wild seven programmes have recognized benji before, this thing let benji very moved. In Japan, a lot of female love beans to male fans is a kind of spiritual power existence, it seems that as long as there are female love beans, everything in life is healed.

Nowadays, many young Japanese men have poor psychological endurance, and they are afraid of being rejected and being hurt. Therefore, they absolutely do not pursue girls actively, but choose the way of 100% non-rejection, such as aiko, a pink girl.

Of course, they are also very aware that they find it difficult and unstable to give their true feelings in a relationship. However, it is stable to spend money to follow a female lover. As a fan, they also have the opportunity to interact closely with the female lover, which makes them feel very happy and satisfied.

As long as they spend time and money, they can easily obtain what they think of as “romantic relationship”. Therefore, more and more people are not willing to look for love in real life, but indulge in such artificial “romantic relationship”.

life sized sex doll

Among them, some men have gone to a more extreme side. Hiroyuki nomura, for example, is now in his 50s and his partner is a silicone doll, whom he tries out as the first girl in his life.

He named the doll tisei, and she was a life-size silicone doll. Nomura first bought her back as a commodity. But later on, we got along with each other and gradually developed a good impression on the doll.

Later, nomura bought more and more dolls and kept them at home. He dressed them, combed their hair and felt as if they were alive.

During the holidays, he would take the doll to play, drive, and play on the swing together, which made him no longer feel alone.

Nomura, who is in his 50s and has never been in a relationship with a real woman, thinks the dolls will cure him and he doesn’t need another partner.

Since many men choose not to fall in love, what is the status of women? Japan does have more women entering the workforce than in the past.

This may seem like an increase in contact with men, but women entering the workforce are actually competing with men when they work together. It’s even less likely to be a boyfriend or girlfriend.

And there has been a big change in the minds of women who want to enter the workforce. They also have their own career ambitions and used to think that marriage was a must as a woman. Now, many women are wondering for themselves whether they need to get married.

Young Japanese, both male and female, have shown a marked decline in their desire to marry. We’re not going out, let alone getting married. Low marriage rates lead to low fertility, and with them, a shrinking population.

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The issue of negative population growth has almost become a big problem for the Japanese government. In some small urban areas in the countryside, the population is shrinking and many shops are closing.

The village has become a ghost town, like the village of koya, which had only 2,800 residents but has halved its population in the past 20 years. Many families have also moved out of the village and into the big cities.

In order to encourage young people to get married, many places in small cities began to hold blind dates openly, bringing young people together and allowing them to communicate with each other face to face.

Dating and getting married has risen to the level of national concern, with one in five Japanese men staying single all their lives.

What’s more, these men have accepted this state of living alone in their own consciousness and do not want to change their mind.

In addition, Japan’s original otaku culture is deeply rooted, and there are so many channels for these mentally vulnerable men to get the spiritual comfort they want. Compared with a potentially hurtful relationship in real life, they just choose to wrap themselves up and live in their own comfort zone.

As for loneliness, it is clear that no matter they are addicted to men in fantasy or women who find their own self-worth, their lives are filled with what they want. Regardless of the secular vision, there is no right or wrong but different choices in terms of individuals.

People think differently about marriage and procreation than they used to. It’s a personal choice, and perhaps the choice of The Times. After all, no one is sure where they will end up.