Let’s talk about sex doll

Single people always want someone hot and sexy. It is understandable that a man should be just as strong as a man of blood. But what should I do if I can’t find someone for a while?

Maybe what you need is a sex doll.

Back in 2015, a company called True Companion launched “the world’s first sex doll,” Roxxxy. The robot, which has the shape of an inflatable doll,¬†cannot¬†only meet human sexual needs but also can upgrade itself and learn independently. Thousands of pre-orders have been placed for the $7,000 robot, which has yet to be released.

Kathleen Richardson and Erik Billing also set up a website named Campaign Against Sex dolls for discussion, just like the “anti-weapon robot” organization that appeared earlier.

Ethicists believe that the development of sex dolls is suspected of objectifying women and children, as well as affecting human relations.

Kathleen Richardson and Erik Billing argue that because “sex dolls” are mostly passive receivers, they can fuel sexual abuse in humans and even make people lose empathy over time.

Supporters of the movement say “sex dolls” are effectively equivalent to the sex trade, which could become rampant if left unchecked.
They believe that:
Extending the sex trade to dolls is both unethical and unsafe.

But I think the real purpose of creating sex dolls is to make her a conversation partner for loners and introverts, to bring them happiness and satisfaction.