Let’s take a look at the actual doll making process

Little girls like barbie dolls and big boys like silicone dolls. As one of the greatest inventions in the minds of otaku men, the doll has accompanied them through countless lonely nights. However, behind the temptation, the production process of the doll is extremely weird, completely organ stitching…

From the horrifying inflatable doll to the almost life-like silicone doll, it is a qualitative leap. In Japan, the doll has become the standard “adult toy”.

Take island countries as an example, according to the production materials and technology of the degree of sophistication, the cheapest also want 140,000 yen (about 9,000 yuan), a bit more upscale about 650,000 yen (about 40,000 yuan)……

In the 21st century, silicone dolls have come to feel like human skin, and their faces change. But before it was assembled and molded, it was kind of magical…

In the doll factory, watching the body assembly, love doll people must feel very excited.

First the staff will paint a picture of the structure of the human body, and will also refer to the proportions of some famous models

And secondly, you can get a skeleton out of a drawing, and depending on the texture, the price is going to be different

We have the skeleton. We make it into a mold

Put the mould into the mould slot

Treat the skin tone of the doll and stir with toner in the silicone

Stir well and pour into the pouring tank to shape

After a period of time to open the inverted slot, a semi-finished

Trim the extra edges and corners, and worry about every detail

After the model of the face comes out, makeup will be painted on it, and the eyebrows, eyes and lips will be painted

The lips, teeth and eyes are placed separately

The inside of the head is this kind, with electrical motors and other circuits designed to simulate human facial muscle movements, such as blinking, slurping and sticking out of the tongue

After adding eyeball and false eyelash whole head has the life

According to the different needs of customers, there are a variety of facial styles to choose from

The most important part of the assembly, in addition to the airplane cup, will also have lifelike organs

This is a box of hair from a private area

Next, work on the details to make the doll look more realistic

Finally, all the parts are put together to make a complete doll, which, because it cannot be folded, must be transported as it was just finished, in boxes as big as life

The average doll takes more than 80 hours to complete, and the most expensive ones can cost hundreds of thousands of yuan