Is the secondhand entity doll that transfers on the net reliable?

We often see online about the sale and transfer of second-hand real doll, these second-hand real doll transfer, the price is very cheap, many people are interested in this, but do not know true or false, do not know to rely on unreliable.

Some people really because of other problems, such as because the family did not accept, he has a girlfriend, business trip and other reasons, and had to bear the pain of a low price transfer.


But also somebody is cheater, low price undertakes to sell, then all sorts of excuse collect deposit or other charge, the last contact cannot. So we have to go to identify the authenticity of their own, go to the formal platform, such as salt fish and other second-hand trading platform.

Ask the transferor to provide pictures and videos to see if there is any problem with the transferred physical doll. If you are not willing to go to the platform, all kinds of excuses not to provide real photos and videos it is probably most of the fraud.


For the customers who want to buy second-hand dolls, and then want to buy and buy in the process to know, after all, the price is very low, the quality of the product is proportional to its price.

Want high quality to accept its price, want low price to bear its defects.

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