Inside has teamed up with the makers of inflatable dolls to create an unforgettable hands-on experience

Inside, which won the TGA’s best indie game award in 2016, has finally unveiled their belated collection of in-game photos.

Playdead, the developer of Inside, a popular game that has received a lot of attention for its excellent story and storytelling, announced plans in March last year to launch a collector’s edition with iam8bit and RealDoll.

Fans were shocked by the news. The reason lies in the official cooperation organization. Iam8bit is a well-known art and design company abroad. Many games have been designed around illustrations, models and so on. But… RealDoll is a well-known American manufacturer of inflatable dolls.

Such “dream linkage” shocked many naive fans at that time. It’s hard to imagine how a dark, brooding plot solver would relate to “blast,” and crucially, officials not only said mysteriously, “we can’t reveal what the collector’s edition is. Maybe it’s the one you think, maybe it’s not.” And a whopping $375 has been charged for the collection.

The description in the collector’s edition is particularly provocative:

“It will cost $375 and be released in a limited time.” (no specific date)

“What has been determined so far: the game ontology.”

“And, of course, other mystery items.”

“Two per user.”

However, the high price cannot stop the fanatical fans. Although it is not known what is for sale inside the box, the “large blind box” sold out in a short time.

For the next year and a half, as if to forget it, officials kept quiet about the release date of the collector’s edition, offering only the occasional suggestive image to console players:

In June, officials revealed a trailer for the collector’s edition that, in addition to the boy’s model, led to speculation about what the mysterious object in the lower right corner might be.

The answer to the riddle was not revealed until a week ago, in addition to the usual postcards, posters, all people have seen that “RealDoll co-branded do”.

life sized sex doll

Just as Mario was reminded of mushrooms and sonic of gold rings, the meatball that appeared at the end of “Inside” was so impressive that it was chosen by its designers as the perfect prototype for a prototype.

But the traditional model is more plastic and metal, and to achieve the “perfect restoration”, officials found a company that specializes in “anthropomorphic”, or “meat”, RealDoll.

According to RealDoll, despite years of experience in making inflatable dolls, they spent a lot of time testing the materials and styling of the model to make sure players were given a real ball of flesh that felt, felt, and felt soft.

From the current player’s open box video, this hand do is really enough real, also really let a person a story……

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the soft meat ball itself is not designed to be connected to the display rack jack, requires the player to force the base to “make” one. (referring directly to the display rack)

Hopefully, this time, the players who receive it don’t have any “bold ideas.”