If a physical doll has a wound repair step

If a physical doll has a wound repair step

If the exterior surface is scratched by various sharp objects, you can contact the manufacturer or repair it yourself with a special doll repair supplement in the accessory.


The repair method is as follows:

  1. Place the wound area of the physical doll horizontally, and clean the damaged surface first to avoid leaving stains and affecting the appearance. Make sure there is no dirt or water in the wound, so as not to affect the adhesion degree of the repair agent.
  2. Open the cap of the repair bottle, stick a drop of the repair with a toothpick, open the wound with the other hand, and put the repair in, not too much;
  1. Apply a layer of glue evenly on the two cutting surfaces to prevent the repair agent from flowing out of the wound; Finally, a thin layer of glue is applied to the surface
  2. After the wound is dripping with the tonic, hold the wound quickly and wait for a few minutes before releasing it. Wait for about half an hour after the glue is dry and firm.

Note: Physical doll repair is a delicate task, preferably with a toothpick,

If I open the wound and pour the tonic in,

The wound will burn a hole,

If the cut is small and the right amount of tinkering is added,

The repair will leave only a thin scar.

If you drop too much of the supplement, it will cause the supplement to flow to where there will be scarring. It’s better to use a thicker piece of paper,

Cut a hole in the middle that is larger than the wound,

Then I put the paper over the wound, and I repaired it,

To prevent the patch from dripping into the material other than the wound.

Supplements should not come into direct contact with human skin.