How To Use Male Sex Dolls For Women?

Women all across the globe these days look for someone with lovely features and a great dick that can satisfy them as much as they want to. As per research was done recently, scientists have found have that women have a stronger libido and craving for sex than men at times the only thing is they know to control their feelings a lot. Well if you are a lady craving for sex but then do not trust the guy you have been dating for quite some time now which is why you are avoiding getting physical with him, you need to try out male sex dolls that are specially designed for women.

These are basically those dolls that are manufactured only by certain companies as they are rare compared to female sex dolls that are widely available. A male sex doll is both meant for girls and gays where a different variety of sex doll known as a gay sex doll has been launched in the markets. Well, the use of these dolls is totally different as a male sex doll needs high maintenance compared to the female ones. Here below are some tips to maintain a male sex doll.

Tips to maintain a male sex doll

Just go through the tips and apply them and you will be an expert very soon in maintaining sex dolls.

1) Take a bath with them whenever possible

The Penis of the male sex doll enters into your vagina and asshole which is why the dicks need to be regularly cleaned in order to avoid infections and other problems. If your doll is being used by your friends as well then make sure that you give your doll a bath and clean it thoroughly before you use it. Lust is a part of life but then clean sex is also essential right.

2) Lubricate the dick and asshole of the doll

When you have sex with your boyfriend the first thing that you do is lubricate his dick right similarly when you fuck male sex dolls just lubricates the dick and enjoy. If you are a guy fucking a gay sex doll then make sure that the asshole of the doll is lubricated because they are pretty tight when you enter them just to give you the ultimate pleasure.

3) Use body spray on the dolls

When It’s come for sex dolls review one of the things that is a turn off for both men and women is body odor and as you sweat when you have sex and these sex dolls are made of silicon that will absorb your sweat if you are using it without washing on a similar day just spray some DEO and start the fuck.

4) Make sure that you are not too rude to the doll

You need to remember that these dolls are made up of silicon which means that they are not as strong as human skin to handle too much pressure. So enjoy the fuck but be a little soft to the doll as you want to continue using it right.