How to Unboxing and Assemble Your Newly Purchased Sex Doll

In the waiting days after placing an order, your heart is anxious and full of expectation.During this time, you must have done research on the Internet, how to take care of and maintain your sex dolls, and how to play with your dream lover, which is very good.

When you see the box on the porch, you can hardly contain your excitement.You hardly notice the delivery man, and you tremble slightly when you sign the package.All your attention is on the box, what’s in it, what’s in it.But please wait patiently for your horse cowboy!There’s a more important step before you go to bed with your new partner, and you must properly unpack and assemble her.Below are detailed steps to properly unpack and assemble a sex doll.

Step 1: carefully move the package to a room in your home with lots of open space.

sex doll

One thing that surprised many people when they first received their silicone sex dolls was how heavy the package was.Most full-size silicone sex dolls weigh between 40 and 70 pounds, plus all the packaging weight!Your fully packaged doll may weigh up to 80 pounds upon arrival.If you are disabled, elderly, or live in a walk-up flat on the fifth floor, you should be prepared to move the bag.A close friend is a good helper, or you can tip the delivery guy to help you. 

The size of the package will vary depending on the size of the sex doll.The package size of the 136cm sex doll is 51.97in*15.75in*10.63in, while the package size of the 168cm sex doll is 61.42in*17.72in*11.81in.So you need a space for enough people to put in your sex doll package.

Step 2: use a scissor or a knife to open the package along the seam.

silicone sex doll

Once the package is placed on the floor of your chosen room, cut the tape along the seams on the top of the box to open it.Be careful not to insert the knife too deeply, which may cause the skin surface of the silicone sex doll to be scratched by the knife.Once you cut the tape along the seam, the box will open. 

Step 3: wash your hands!Very important.

Now that your new silicone sex doll is ready to take it out of her box, you don’t want to smear or mark her raw skin with your dirty hands!Wash your hands thoroughly or wear gloves before touching a sex doll. 

Step 4: take out the new realistic sex doll’s head.

sex doll's head

On the top of your realistic sex doll’s lap is a foaming ball the size of a football, which is the head of your new realistic sex doll.Carefully remove the bubble wrap and pick up the top of the package.Please put the realistic sex doll’s head on the floor next to the box.You can save the bag to protect the head when not in use.

Step 5: take out any other parts of the package.

In general, accessories will include accessories such as clothes, wigs, heating rods and cleaning tools.Take all these things out of the package and put them aside.After this step, all that should be in the box is the realistic sex doll‘s body and the blanket on which she lies.Please take good care of these parts and they will play a very important role in future use and maintenance.

sex doll

Step 6: remove the foam from the realistic sex doll’s body with scissors.

sex doll

It is important to be careful in the process.Because the scissors are very close to the realistic sex doll’s body, a little distraction can damage the realistic sex doll.

Step 7: remove the realistic sex doll from the box with a blanket.

Wrap the realistic sex doll’s arm in a blanket, take her out of the box, and gently place her on the floor or couch next to her.Then check to see if there is any damage to the doll’s body. If so, please contact the seller immediately.

Step 8: put your head on a new sex doll’s body and wear a wig.

realistic sex doll

Center at the bottom of the sex dolls head and body with threaded neck center have a steel pipe, steel pipe to the head tube inserted into the body of the neck, and then constantly rotating, like screw down the screws, until you can’t tighten.If the head is slightly tilted, slightly rotate the head to adjust the direction of the head of the sex doll.

Wearing a wig for your sex doll is a simple matter. You just have to tidy it up and put it on the sex doll’s head.