How to store sex dolls

The same problem many baby owners face after buying sex dolls is how to store sex doll,which can’t be folded up like an inflatable doll,because of the pgysical,built-in skeleton,not folding,this is a very annoying thing for baby friends to collect.

real size sex dolls

In view of a lot of baby friend’s family store condition is limited, can consider to buy sofa box to store a doll, when need not put the doll in sofa box lock up, the appearance of sofa box is like sofa, can be used to sit a person, even if have a guest to come home, also need not worry divulge privacy. In addition to buying a sofa box, you can also place the doll in a closet or under a bed board with storage functions.

In addition to buying a sofa box, you can also place the doll under a bed board with storage functions:

In addition, you can also put the doll in the closet:

But the most important thing about storing dolls is not just the storage space, there are a lot of details to note:

  1. The doll can not stand for a long time to save, it is best to lie flat to save, before storage to wash the powder.
  2. Please do not wear dark clothes when storing, so as to avoid dyeing the doll and making it difficult to clean.
  3. Avoid being squeezed during storage. Prolonged squeezing will cause deformation of the doll.
  4. Avoid storing in places with too much dust. The silica gel surface is easy to produce viscosity and static electricity, which can easily be contaminated with dust

In addition to the above points, we also need to be clear that physical dolls are now generally placed in the storage box, which is also the most popular choice. When putting, want to put the posture of solid doll good perpendicular, like send to you so good, lest pose too long, cause the problem such as the skin of doll to wear out. Clean up the physical doll and apply some talcum powder before putting it away. Place a blanket under the sofa box to prevent the solid doll from being squashed out of shape by a hard bottom. After the physical doll is put on, some clothing or quilt can be added to the doll to cover up, to avoid dust or other dirt. By the way, we need to pay attention here, please do not choose faded blanket to cover the real doll, so as to avoid dyeing the real doll.