How to dress up your physical doll simulation doll

This article wants to talk about the topic of personalized physical doll dressing after buying a physical doll. The same doll of the same brand of doll must be a thousand people. Since you have bought the doll, you definitely want to let her (he) become the only exclusive doll. Most of the brands on the market have only one option for the same doll: “hair transplant.” Whether or not the same doll “hair transplant” prices vary greatly, for people who want to personalize their doll friends, the general is to choose a non-transplant version of the head. The advantage of the non-transplant version is that it can be personalized and can be shaped in a variety of ways.

The advantage of doll personalization is that you can set up a unique doll by dressing her up. Specific Settings may include the following categories:

  1. Identity setting, such as miss chien-jin, little sister next door, student at school, etc
  2. Career setting: such as teacher, policeman, nurse, white collar and so on
  3. Character setting: passionate, reserved, cute and so on
  4. Relationship Settings: sister, sister, girlfriend, wife, etc

Doll factory is a blank doll, they need to be dressed up by the owner to give their independent personality. Apart from the fact that the head and body of the doll are fixed, his delight lies in the fact that his hair, eyeballs, face makeup, clothes, accessories and shoes can be matched to his liking. Let’s talk about it one by one.

A wig.

Wig style is also a lot of, long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair, a variety of models also have, a variety of colors also have, some can also diy modeling. About wig material material at present market has 3 kinds: common silk, high temperature silk, true hair, price quality can have distinction.

  1. Ordinary silk: the price is cheap, the basic shape is fixed, the quality is also slightly poor, not easy to handle, easy to scrap, the price is between 30-50 yuan.

2 high temperature silk: moderate price, is characterized by high temperature resistance of silk, you can do all kinds of modeling, most cosplay wigs are this kind, smooth silk, very easy to do, the price is between 60-200 yuan.

  1. Real hair: expensive, made of real hair, with all the advantages of real hair.

In our first science guide, we talked about how to buy a physical doll — the body part. The size of the doll’s head is actually related to the body. The bigger the body, the bigger the head. Is the largest body in the market at present is 170 cm, 80 cm is the smallest body, on the market more than 140 cm doll head difference is not big, head circumference and basically normal, as long as it is reality with wigs, doll will take, and now the back of the wig has a tighten belt, can adjust the surrounded degree of wig size is very convenient. Are easy to buy on a treasure. Next the body only has the doll of 120cm left and right sides, head circumference is about as big as children only, this kind of wig is very bad buy, choose also little, when the proposal chooses a doll buys straight hair directly, make modelling oneself next. At last, the doll wig of about 80cm was almost not available, so it had to be customized.

  1. The eye

At present the eyeball of market baby is different according to design and different, it is manufacturer factory before decided, but some manufacturer is optional (at present more few), eyeball quality also has discretion. The difference between the quality of the eyeball is to see the material and painting, followed by the choice of iris color. In theory, all research is replaceable, because when designing a physical doll, there is a device in the eye that holds the eyeball in place. The eyeball can move in the device, and this is the way to adjust the doll’s eyes. However, the removal device can only be removed from the eye socket of the face, and special tools are needed. Due to poor operation, it is easy to damage the eyes of the doll. It is best not to try by yourself. Eyes are the window to the soul, a pair of special eyeballs undoubtedly make your doll not only special but also dazzling.