How to deal with the doll’s oil problem and collection

Users who have bought and used adult dolls all know that the tactile sensation of real dolls is soft and elastic, but after a period of time, the skin surface will appear greasy and sticky, especially after a bath, in fact, this is a normal phenomenon, because in order to achieve the softness of real human skin and muscles, silicone added silicone oil. So it doesn’t harden. And before the real doll factory is the doll first bath and then the whole body with talcum powder or lubricant powder before packaging and shipping.

The way to oil the sex doll is simple. You can simply coat her body with talcum powder. Baby talcum powder is also available in the supermarket, when giving the doll a bath is very simple, the water temperature is cool, with shower gel, wash dry, and then coated with talcum powder, so that it feels soft and smooth. It’s that simple. When doll does not use for a long time, suggest to hit powder first, collect again next.

In a word, real doll have oil is normal, do not make a fuss, clean coated talcum powder can be restored, so easy! No matter what collection method is adopted, there are several rules to be followed:
1 The sex doll cannot standing, but can only lie face up in the storage space;
2 Do not wrap the doll with faded clothes or blankets, and there are free blankets in accessories.
3 The doll around do not have ink, corrosive gas liquid, sharp tools, etc.