How to choose sexy lingerie

Sexy erotic lingerie can make women glamorous and add a lot of fun to sex. Just like buying other clothes, buying sexy lingerie is also very particular, and you can achieve the best results if you wear it properly. Although the above underwear can increase the sexiness of women, health experts remind that if you choose and wear them improperly, you will have many adverse effects on your health.

  First, how to choose hot sexy underwear

 Don’t just pursue black

   Black underwear is really sexy, but before buying, you should first consider the hair color and hairstyle. If the hair is black, consider buying fuchsia underwear; if the hair is dyed reddish or yellowish, consider light pink underwear. You can buy bright-colored underwear for short hair, and darker for long hair.

  Underwear and body should be coordinated

   If the bust is relatively small, it is best to choose a 1/4 cup, which will make your breasts stand up and expose the nipples. If your breasts are relatively large, you can choose a piece of underwear without lining and that can close up the cleavage so that the breasts will not sag.

Attention to detail

   Exquisite talent can represent taste, do not buy some cheap rough underwear, it will make you extremely uncomfortable. Be optimistic about the details and don’t break them just after putting them on.

  Try the garter

  If you don’t know what it is, go to the Internet and search for it. This is new erotic lingerie that makes your waist look thinner and your hips more curved.

   Second, “Five Factors” in Choosing Healthy and Sexy Underwear

  Choose by age

Young women mainly focus on whether underwear is helpful for “beauty”, but it should not affect normal development; pregnant women should wear a wide-band elastic bra; pregnant women one month after childbirth should wear a vest bra; after the child is a full moon, it should be changed to Broadband back bras should pay attention to whether the underwear has a correction function for post-natal body shape changes; middle-aged and elderly women should pay attention to whether the underwear “reshapes”, and should also consider whether it is really helpful to health.

  Choose by chest shape

Disc-shaped breasts are not high, but the bottom is not small. Most Asian women belong to this category. It is best to choose 1/2 cups or bras with inserts. Conical breasts are high and the bottom is not small, but the overall is straight. 3 /4 cup bra; hemispherical breast bulge is larger and full, the full cup should be selected; spindle breast bulge is high, the bottom is not large, 3/4 cup or full cup should be selected; outward expansion double peak to both sides Expanded, not concentrated, it is better to choose a center bra, such as a 5/8 three-dimensional cup.

  Select by season

  Sweating in summer, you should wear underwear made of pure cotton, bleached fabric, or silk fabric; bras in polyester fabric in spring and autumn; thicker bras or sponges in winter should be worn. If the breast is not full, or the size of the left and right breasts is obviously asymmetric, a convex bra lined with a sponge can be used.

  Select by material

  Underwear is best made of natural fiber products. Cotton products are suitable, with good hygroscopicity and warmth retention, and the price is also moderate. Synthetic fiber products such as nylon underwear are poor in hygroscopicity, which is not conducive to the absorption and distribution of human sweat and can also cause skin damage and allergic reactions. According to a Japanese urologist, the increase in women suffering from cystitis in Japan is mainly due to wearing chemical fiber underwear. Wool underwear accounts for 17% of skin damage. Therefore, although the price of wool is high and the heat retention is good, it is not an ideal material for underwear. In underwear made of natural fibers, cotton products only account for 2% of skin damage. The silk is known as “the second skin of human beings” is the best, and the damage to the skin is almost zero.

  Select by color

   underwear has colors, and some dyes can cause cancer. Dyes can be absorbed by human skin through sweat. There are many dyes on dark underwear. If the fastness of the dyes is not good, the skin will absorb more and the harm will be greater. Dermatologists believe that some skin diseases are likely to be caused by impurities such as dye shedding or intermediates. Therefore, the best choice for underwear is natural or light-colored. Try not to buy dark red, fuchsia, navy blue, brown, dark green, and black. If you have a particular preference for these colors, be sure to change them frequently. White underwear is not very safe, this product is often added with a fluorescent whitening agent. According to recent studies, some fluorescent whitening agents are also a carcinogen and can discharge polluted water sources with washing.

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