how much is the silicone doll

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what is a silicone doll?is a kind of non-toxic tasteless,soft and attached to the adult proportion of the production of adult sex products,divided into men’s silica gel doll and women’s silica gel doll,its role is to replace the real person to achieve sextual pleasure.silicone dolls have very similar characteristics to real people,the skin is smooth,delicate and elastic.with the development of science and techology,the silicone doll is more and more close to the real person,the current silicone can not only change a variety of sexual movements,but also can send out a passionate cry.

how much is the inflatable doll

the price of silica gel doll is very disorderly,a lot of friends want to ask silica gel doll how much money in the first purchase?or how much money to ask the inflatable,know how much silicone doll,the bottom of the heart,will not be pit.actually otherwise,because silica gel baby quality is different price is different,businessman can take inferior silica gel baby to fool you only know silicone baby baby how much money ah,is not much use.the key is to learn how to buy authentic silicone below we come to understand silicone doll how much money and inflatable doll how much money related knowledge!

General inflatable sex dolls,that is,inflatable dolls,the price is few hundred yuan to more than a thousand yuan,this kind of silica gel dolls,because is inflatable molding,the appearance is rough,can only approximately imitate the structure of the person,can not give people beautiful enjoyment.

physical simulation silicone doll is also divided into several grades,low grade physical doll,material texture can not close to the real human body,the structure can only simulate simple joint movement,and the joint is easy to deformatiopn.this kind of silica gel doll prices are generally in the thousands to tens of thousands of yuan.

at present,the best simulated silica gel doll in the world is mainly produced by japan’s ot industry and america’s doll.the material of the simulated silica gel doll produced by these two manufacturers can achieve the softness and deformation degree close to the body,and the joint deformation is also very perfect.

these two kinds of silicone dolls are also expensive,with japanese ot dolls costing around 200000 yen to 800000 yen,equivalent to tens of thousands of present,there are sales agents in china.the real doll is not yet on sale in china,but it has higher technology than ot industry,so its price can only be higher.

inflatable dolls how much money,the price for a lot of types,diffrernt dolls price for alot of types,different types of inflatable dolls price,general physical inflatable dolls price is higher,but also the best quality effect.the second is semi-real body type prices in the thousands of prices,there is a common inflatable dolls,prices in the 200 to thousands,for the pursuit of high-end quality partners can choose physical dolls.

of course,how much a doll is a set of its quality determines its value,and now the market its value,and now the market is very likely to have fake and shoddy products mixed in,while buying also want to wipe the eyes,can give you a choice to buy the right amount of inflatable doll value standards.

1:first of all,the name of the best and most beautiful inflatable doll is played by the merchant,which makes people feel very good and might just be an extra accessory or two.really good dolls do not carry such a banner,really good dolls use really convincing evidence instead of saying so,so be sure to keep this kind of trap in mind.

2:another means that their dolls have a full body temperature,have their own electric heaters and are only a few hundred dollars cheaper.this is absolutely a fraud,because it is difficult to achieve from the current ordinary inflatable doll,the thickness of the doll itself is less than 1-2cm,can not achieve this kind of electric heating,the price to achieve this technology must not be a few hundred dollars.

3:of course,how much a doll costs is determined by its quality,so it is best to communicate with seller to check the quality of the inflatable doll by determine how much the inflatable doll costs.don’t be so’s a legitimate right of a consumer.we have the right to test the value of the goods.

so the inflatable doll how much money is divided into many kinds and is best to buy what you want correctly.

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