How much do you know about sex dolls?

A lot of people have heard of sex dolls, and some say that having a particularly large number of sex dolls is like sex heaven. The sex doll of the past uses inflatable design more, reason calls inflatable doll again. In the 21st century, sex dolls are made of gel or resin with shape memory. They feel like real skin and muscles, and have spherical joints that allow them to move in different ways.

Sex dolls are usually shaped like girls, with a vagina and an open mouth, allowing men to put the penis into the hole, rub it and create pleasure. Some elaborate, close to the reality of sex dolls and even considered art collection and ornamental, also someone to play with a ball joint human way to enjoy this kind of doll, for they wear different clothes, make up, change hair style, etc. If the visited the real sex doll collection, just want to get into heaven sex, all kinds of doll, very sexy, there is a lot of temptation.

A lot of people know something about adult sex, such as sexual transmission, so a lot of people think that sex with a doll, will reduce the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, but do not know that many people with a sex doll, the same infectious diseases. Therefore, it is suggested that sex dolls should be used as their own exclusive use.

love doll

Some adult sex knowledge, such as using lubricants and condoms before sex, reduces friction and increases pleasure. if you want to enjoy sex, sex dolls can cooperate with you to make all kinds of skills, such as riding, riding on the back, vivid sex dolls, in addition to the skin is clear, and ball joint, can make a different action, so all kinds of sexual technique, posture, sex can cooperate with you to complete.