How do you dress up your sex doll?

Tip 1 wig:It is easy to buy a sex doll wig for a height 140cm~165cm. The real wig can be worn by sex doll.Many wigs for Cosplay are cheap and beautiful.And they are easy to buy on the Internet. About these wig is good for sex doll. The smaller doll with a short height 100~130cm has a small head circumference. It may be more suitable for a child’s wig.That is difficult to buy. Other mini-sex dolls like 80cm, 65cm, etc. need a special sex doll wig.

Tip 2. Clothing:The sex doll can directly purchase a real woman clothing in height 150cm or more. It must to note that the shape of the general sex doll will be more small than the real woman.You should pay attention when you purchase clothing size. But different brand will have different size. for example, your sex doll is size S when wearing A brand.When wearing B brand may change size XS because of different versions . The sex doll height 100cm~140cm can suitable for children’s clothes. The size of children is generally divided into children (100~110cm), middle children (110~130cm), big children (130~150cm), etc. They are all exquisite and fashionable. We sure that you will find suitable and favorite clothes for sex doll. Mini-wavy dolls are special products.

Tip 3 makeup:The sex doll made by TPE usually use “Real cosmetics”. But the adhesion is not strong enough. Makeup will fade after cleaning or long time stay. You can make your own makeup or send your sex doll back. Doll House 168 will rework the makeup. And we will not charge any fees. But the freight will be paid by you. The special doll made of silicone rubber uses special pigments. When the makeup finished. Most of the makeup will not be lost. Friendly reminder, the performance of makeup is hand-made within the gap.